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Dec 31, 2009


Hey My Friends


May this year Bring all the happiness in the

world. All the Best for All. - Fordac

Dec 30, 2009

Projector for iPhone

The HypnosEye Projector is one of the smartest little gadgets we've seen coming out of Japan in a long time. This one stands out from the recent wave of portable projectors in that it's completely wireless, and doesn't even require a power supply.

Dec 29, 2009

Joker Racer a RC Server - Cool

Dec 24, 2009

Animated Christmas Tree Cable Cars

Dec 20, 2009

Dungeons & Dragon - You have never played like this

A team from Carnegie Mellon has developed a D&D that can be played on Microsoft’s Surface.
The video shows that players can put their miniature figures on the Surface, and it will automatically give the stats on the display.

SurfaceScapes Gameplay Session from Surfacescapes on Vimeo.

As for the Dungeon Master’s (DM) role, he or she can make maps, and then go in for closeups and scroll with some device exists that outside of the surface. You’ll have to watch the vid to see what I’m talking about. It would appear that the DM is linked to the Surface with a laptop for their own personal privacy.

Now, the whole Dungeons and Dragons game is dependent on dice, and it appears that there is a kind of virtual dice that the character can “roll”.

Source: Kotaku

Dec 12, 2009

Sun Jar - A perfect gift for any age

Sun and Moon Jars make a great gift for anyone. Just leave them in the sunlight to charge up (they don't work so well on cloudy days) and then you have a gentle blue or orange glow at night (depending on your choice of jar).

* Winner of the Eco Friendly Gift of the Year Award
* Free sunlight forever
* Rechargeable battery
* Energy efficient LED light
* Automatic switch activates Jars when it gets dark and can be switched off
* Natural orange or soothing blue glow
* Waterproof
* Great for barbecues and camping trips
* 5 hours light from one charge

The light isn't really bright enough to read by unless you have the jar very close to the page but they are useful at night for finding your way around, plus, you save on electricity by not switching lights on and off. Being weatherproof, they make a great addition to the garden and by setting the Jar to come on automatically when it's dark, you can have an interesting glow in your garden.”

Source: SUNJAR

Nov 30, 2009

Flytech Bladestar - A perfect gift for you

This Christmas get yourself the fast, futuristic, and smart Flytech Bladestar flying blade. Unlike other flying robots in its price range, the FlyTech Bladestar is the first flying robot that can fly itself using advanced sensor based navigation. Yes, it can avoid obstacles including ceilings! This allows you to use just your hands to guide since it will instinctively avoid your hands. That's right, we're talking a flying machine that has AutoPilot!

Source: Discovery Shopping

Nov 25, 2009

Now a baby bottle that is self-heating

Parenting definitely comes with its fair share of obstacles to overcome. Most are manageable without all of the extra gadgets, but for an exhausted parent anything that makes the baby stop crying sooner is an absolute life saver. That doesn’t mean a parent couldn’t easily walk to the kitchen and heat a bottle, but it would be nice to be able to create a warm bottle no matter where you’re at.

The gadget, which has won innovation and research awards, heats a baby's feed bottle to the temperature of breast milk with just the touch of a button.The milk is ready to use in 60 seconds after heating to around 32-34 degrees celsius.

Source: DailyMail

Nov 24, 2009

Now get your child to eat few extra bites

Parents have for years attempted to get their kids to eat a few bites more by just making airplane noises. Well now you can add a little visual appeal to the usual routine. Sure, it’s not actually necessary and the child probably won’t care either way, but it keeps parents entertained. Plus you’ll feel less foolish making airplane noises when you have an airplane spoon and a lighted runway.

The LED bib is only able to be washed with a damp cloth. The plane itself is also only able to be wiped off and it features an on/off switch to flip on the plane’s LED lights. The plane also comes with 3 different spoon attachments. The bib doesn’t kick on until it’s activated by a motion of any kind, which pretty much means that it will stay on all the time if you have a baby that likes to squirm. These run on button cell batteries and are intended to be used on kids 12 months and older.

Source: ThinkGeek

Nov 19, 2009

Sunglass that can stand a punch to the face

Ever wonder how those action heroes look absolutely cool in their pair of sunnies while they’re busy fighting the baddies? In fact, they might get scratched all over and shot at with bullet wounds to show, but somehow all that rough and tumble lifestyle doesn’t seem to faze their sunglasses one bit. No sir, not a scratch can be found.
Perhaps they were wearing the Japan Self Defense Force Sunglasses? Each pair is so tough that they won’t even crack even when you throw a nasty punch at it. Even better is, the Japanese military has given their full endorsement of the Japan Self Defense Force Sunglasses. Just to get an idea on how tough its lenses are, when hit at 106mph by a 0.3″ object, you won’t find the lens cracking. Apart from that, it can also walk away unscrathed even when a 500g piece of iron is dropped on it. $317 is the asking price for this.

Source: JapanTrendShop

Nov 9, 2009

Bring out the child in you this Christmas

This Christmas dads who want to surprise their kids might actually end up getting the PicoZ Heli Mission for themselves

This groundbreaking R/C mash up combines the thrill of helicopter flight with the excitement of driving a SWAT truck. Wow! It might look like a stealthy brute of a vehicle – and it is – but this macho truck features a cavernous cargo bay that opens up, upon your command, to reveal a fully-functioning micro helicopter sitting on an auto-elevating launchpad. Incredible! It’s like Thunderbirds meets Airwolf with a highly Hasselhoffian touch of 80s folly thrown in for good measure. Both precision-engineered machines are controlled via a single transmitter with smart shoulder buttons that allow you to switch seamlessly between truck and chopper.

One thing though – what happens when the helicopter is in mid-air and you switch over to the truck? Will it just hover there until the subsequent instruction? Guess you’ll need to fork out £59.95 to find out!

Source: Firebox

Nov 4, 2009

Another cool Toy from Bandai

G-Bound is the coolest RC toy for sure as it not only does crazy stunts on land, but thanks to it’s balloon type tires, can drive on water as well.

Made by Toy giant Bandai, the GBound has a waterproof body and huge inflatable tires which not only travels on any surface, but can flip over and drive along upside down.

The car is powered by a rechargble battery pack and the 27MHz remote control lets you move the tires forward and backward individually, making it possible to spin around on one spot. You can also go forward, and then hit back, to flip the car around.

Unveiled at the Tokyo Toy Show, the GBound R/C card is scheduled to be released anytime now for about $140.

Source: HobbyMedia

Oct 30, 2009

This straw would scare you for sure

Do you plan to hold a Halloween party sometime this year? The Halloween Screaming and Flashing Skull Drinking Straw ought to be the perfect addition to your home
then, as this twister straw will bring the skull to life with each sip of yours. His eyes and mouth will flash bright red followed up by a terrifying scream, although we wonder whether with the amount of chatter going on and music in the background, will those screams be loud enough to fill up the home? Each of these straws will cost you $5.70, which means it could end up as a potentially expensive party on your part as a host since most guests would attempt to sneak these straws back for themselves.

Source: Find-Me-A-Gift

Expensive Aquarium Tank for Fishes

If we lived like our pet fish, then we would all live in studio apartments that would, at best, have more useless space. Now this aquarium is something that would give any fish bragging rights. I mean, I can just see a celebrity fish boasting about this “bowl” on a fish version of Cribs.

I mean, look at the thing! It’s like hamster trails designed for fish! This is definitely one place a fish would not mind sharing with other fish. If Gil, the Willem Dafoe fish from Finding Nemo, was in this castle of a fish tank, he never would have tried to escape. This is what Oscar should be living in when he got rich in Shark Tale. Yeah, not many people make references to the latter movie.

Do you those rich people who spend a lot of money on their pets? Consider this $6500 investment a diamond-studded collar for your fish. Yes, that’s is how much this fish tank (if you can even call it that) actually costs. Why shouldn’t fish get some of the rich-doting action that is usually reserved for dogs and cats?

Source: CrunchGear

Oct 28, 2009

Water Powered Flashlight Lantern

If you’re looking for a flashlight with renewable energy, you’ll have plenty of options out there. Firstly there are several different sizes, but then you get to choose between solar, wind-up and shakeable. Well now you get one more choice to pick from. This flashlight is actually powered by water, which would make them highly convenient while you’re out camping.

Not only will this light work just like your average flashlight, but it also can be used as a regular lantern by just making some simple adjustments. It’s probably not going to be as great as the oversized lanterns that many people use. However, this would be better than nothing, especially if you were to put it within an emergency kit of some kind. In order to work it, you just have to fill up the battery with water. It’ll also run on beer, coke and even urine. You can purchase the NoPoPo Water-Powered Flashlight for $54 from the Japan Trend Shop.

Source: JapanTrendShop

Oct 26, 2009

No chargers needed to charge this Battery

Designer Qian Jiang has come up with a cool and innovative concept for batteries.
When your batteries are flat, simply wind them up and you’re gadgets are good to go agin.

Whats more...This battery has a 2 way charger, that is, it uses a traditional charger or you could use the manual charge by winding. This is one useful battery.

Source: YankoDesign

Oct 23, 2009

Halloween Special - I-FLY Vamp

This is exactly what you think it is, a toy bat that can be remote-controlled.
It is about 13 grams in weight and has a ten inch wingspan to fly like an ornithopter. The i-Fly Vamp comes with an extra pair of wings.

The Vamp has a lightweight rechargeable Lithium Polymer flight battery that is capable of ten minutes of flight time for every half hour’s worth of charging. The controller requires 6 AA batteries to operate.

It even has some eerie green LED eyes for a little extra shock value. Just imagine the trick or treaters coming to your house with this guy!

When they go “trick or treat”, you can just say “trick”, and then swoop this i-Fly Vamp on them. Yeah, make them think that there is some vampire that is going to get them. Ha-ha-ha.

Source : Geniegadgets

Oct 7, 2009

Super Mario Chess Set - Luigi is queen !

Are you bored of playing the same old black and white chess??? i am sure this Super Mario chess will make you play again and again.

This game won’t come with changed rules in any way, and no, you aren’t allowed to stomp on opposing pawns but will have to stick to traditional chess rules instead. One shocking thing is this – Luigi acts as the queen, talk about weird! This is despite the fact that Princess Peach is still hanging around on the board. Ah well, guess strange days are ahead of us – no wonder Mario can’t really seem to start a relationship with Princess Peach in all the games we’ve played so far. The Super Mario Chess Set is going for $39.99.

Source: Thinkgeek

Oct 6, 2009

Rainbow in my Room

Children are always fascinated by are rainbows. Well instead of making them wait for the weather to be just right in order to see one, you could put a rainbow right inside of their bedroom. Don’t worry, it’s not going to cost you a small fortune to do so either. This isn’t one of those children’s gadgets that cost far more than one you’d even buy for yourself.

The rainbow projector comes from Uncle Milton and although this would be great for kids, you should be careful about what age you buy this for them at. It turns out that those under the age of 3 years old should probably be kept away from this. There’s a choking hazard for kids under that age, due to a small marble and other small parts. This projector will project a rainbow across the wall and the ceiling. In order to turn it on, it just requires the wave of your hand. To keep it up and running you can either use batteries or an AC adapter. It’ll cost you $21.10 from Amazon.

Source: Gearlog

Sep 28, 2009

Cyborg is no more Science Fiction

REMOTE-CONTROLLED insects may sound like the stuff of science fiction, but they have already been under development for some time now.

The creation of a cyborg insect army has just taken a step closer to reality. A research team at the University of California Berkeley recently announced that it has successfully implanted electrodes into a beetle allowing scientists to control the insect’s movements in flight. “We demonstrated the remote control of insects in free flight via an implantable radioequipped miniature neural stimulating system,” the researchers reported in their new paper for Frontiers in Integrative Neuroscience. ” The pronotum mounted system consisted of neural stimulators, muscular stimulators, a radio transceiver-equipped microcontroller and a microbattery.” Eventually, the mind-controlled insects could be used to “serve as couriers to locations not easily accessible to humans or terrestrial robots,” they note

Source: ScienceBlog

Sep 24, 2009

Windows 7 Promotional Launch Party Help Video

Microsoft will be releasing Windows 7 on October 22nd and as part of their launch promotions, they’ve asked people to host launch parties for the new OS. If chosen as a host, you’d have received a free Signature Edition of Windows 7 Ultimate and run a chance to win a $750. The video was created for these chosen hosts as both a promotional tool and somewhat of an instructional video on how to host one of these parties. Never mind now though since confirmations are already being sent out. The point here is just how freaking horrible and asinine the video is.

Source: HouseParty

Broom that sweeps and Spooks - Halloween

What are your plans for this Halloween to scare your guests. If you haven't thought of any then this would help spook your guests for sure.

Spook your guests and keep the house clean at the same time with the Broomba Self-propelled Halloween Broom. Ok, so maybe it won’t do much cleaning, but this 47″ broom is sound-activated and starts moving about and playing creepy music & cackling sounds when it detects unsuspecting party-goers in your home!

Source: Grandinroad

Anti-Snoring gadget uses Acupuncture Technique

This is for those that haven’t found a way to get their snoring to stop.

The watch doesn’t actually tell the time, so it’s a little silly to call it a watch. However, it does have a sensitive micro-sound detector that will detect when you’re snoring. Once it does that it will send a very mild electronic signal. Apparently it’s even capable of distinguishing between snoring and just other noises in general. This device will make slow down the frequency of your snoring as well as make it so you don’t snore quite so loudly.

Do you need this gadget Click Here to Buy.

Source: GadgetGrid

Sep 23, 2009

Solar Globe - Amazing and Rotating

Developed by a team of physicists, this is the globe that harnesses light and the earth's magnetic pull to rotate continuously, without cords, batteries, or human intervention. Three photoreceptors inside the globe gather incandescent light or indirect sunlight to power an internal drive. This mechanism interacts with the earth's magnetic field, providing the torque to spin the globe.

The globe is suspended in a clear liquid inside a clear acrylic shell, creating a frictionless environment (much like the earth's) that enables the globe to rotate steadily and silently at a gentle pace. The acrylic shell can spin 360ยบ in any direction yet the globe itself will always remain upright and in proper alignment. The globe comes with an acrylic stand but it will rotate on most other surfaces, including your hand. The 8 1/2"-diameter globe portrays a political map of the world labeled with 3,500 place names, including continents, countries, cities, and bodies of water. 12" H x 8 1/2" Diam. (12 3/4 lbs.)

Source: Hammacher

Sep 17, 2009

KUNAI USB Flash drive for Ninja Fans

The Kunai is an ancient weapon used by ninjas in the past, but this time round it comes in the form of a USB flash drive, although the cloak and dagger tactics employed eons ago are still prevalent in the workplace today, save that they come in a more subtle format. Unfortunately, this model just comes with 2GB of storage space, and it won't be able to stab anyone to death even if you feel like it. GeekStuff4U is carrying the Kunai USB flash drive for approximately $125 after conversion - totally nuts considering the amount of storage space you get back in return.

Source: geekstuff4u

No this is not used to find water underground

Well the shape of this remind of a ancient method using a stick like this to find the water flow under ground. Guess i was wrong as this is something related to technology.

There are tons of Wi-Fi hotspots these days that are mushrooming rapidly and for good reason - most people work with netbooks and notebooks that do not need to remain tethered to any wired network in order to get on the Internet. In order to find the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot, why not give the Wi-Fi Dowsing Rod concept a go? It works similar in concept to how one is supposed to look for water with a divining rod, except that this one brings you to the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot - a gadget for the modern road warrior, of course, shaped in an old school format. Fancy, but we don't see this taking off anytime soon even if it were to be mass produced.

Source: NextNature

Sep 4, 2009

Solar Case for Ipod Touch

Here is an interesting case for the iPod Touch, the Surge case from Novathink, which will recharge your iPod via the built in solar panel.

The Surge iPod case features a 1500 mAh 3.7 V lithium-ion battery, that will give you up to 120% extra power for your iPod, and it can be recharged via USB or via the built in solar panel on the back.

The Surge Solar iPod Touch Case will come in a choice of funky colors, including green, pink, blue and black, and it will go on sale later this month for $70.

I think its a great idea, having a solar panel on the back of the case, lets hope they release a version for the iPhone 3G and 3GS.

Source: ubergizmo

Aug 19, 2009

SONY heard the prayers regarding ps3

There’s this old saying - repeat something often enough, and people will start to believe it to be the truth. Well, guess the folks at Sony must’ve heard the prayers and rants of many Sony fanboys over the years on how the PS3 console was way too bulky, and having repeated a rumor countless times of a PS3 Slim coming our way many months ago, guess the age old adage kicked into action with Sony officially unveiling the new PS3 today, where it comes in an extremely svelte form factor. Heck, if it had been a contestant on the reality show “The Biggest Loser”, chances are pretty good the PS3 Slim would walk away as the clear winner with a couple of beauties in tow (fondling its controllers, of course). Let’s take a look at the PS3 Slim in greater detail right after the jump.

The internal design architecture of the new PS3 Slim has been revamped from ground up, changing the way the main semiconductors, power supply unit and cooling mechanism look in order to achieve what was thought to be impossible. While the original PS3 held a 60GB hard drive within, this remodeled version holds a 120GB hard drive despite trimming down its internal volume, thickness and weight to 67% of the original. Not only that, power consumption has also been reduced by one-third, further lowering the amount of fan noise in the process. You won’t find a glossy, fingerprint magnet as the surface material here since it relies on a textured surface finish instead to provide an all new impression and a casual look.

North America, Europe/PAL and Asian countries will get the new PS3 Slim from September 1st onwards, while those living in Japan will be able to pick it up a couple of days later. The 120GB PS3 Slim will retail for $299 and euro 299, depending on which region you’re at, while the current 80GB PS3 Phat will see a price drop to US$299 and euro 299 from August 18 and August 19, respectively. In addition, the 160GB PS3 Phat in the US will also see a price drop to $399 on August 18 as well. All PS3 Slims will ship with version 3.0 of the system software to keep it up to date.

Source: Prnewswire

Aug 7, 2009

Scoot Coupe for couples

The Scoot Coupe three-wheel scooter suffers from the same ailment of their 2 wheeled scooter counterparts. Sure there probably fun to ride around in, but you don’t want any of your friends to see you out for a night on the town while driving one.

The scooters which are made by US owned and operated Panther Motors offer three-wheels with a sleek 2 seat design
. They also come in two engine sizes 50cc and a whopping 150cc. While the engines may not be huge, the 80mpg they can achieve will surely draw some interest, especially from city drivers looking for a small alternative to their cars that is a whole lot easier to parallel park.

The P50 (50cc) version will run you $6300 with the P150 only slightly more expensive at $6500. Upgrades are also available for an extra fee and include such modern amenities as a built-in radio and ABS Disc breaks

Source: GadgetCrave

Aug 1, 2009

RC Tiny Airplane - Amazing toy

This tiny airplane can be bought for $149.99 To see how cool this little thing is, check out the youtube Video below.

Source: Microflight

Jul 30, 2009

USB Remote for Mouse

This USB Mouse Remote offers wireless control of your computer to a fine grained degree that will cheer your heart and make the birds sing in the woods. Why? Well it features application program shortcuts just a finger tip away, full multimedia and mouse control with a nifty pad and buttons and a micro sized keypad for entering text and stuff.

Suddenly you can do all your computing stuff lying down with a tube kit supplying Mountain Dew and a mirror on the ceiling to reflect the sports results from TV.

Source: Gizfever

Jul 27, 2009

Eggs that are square - no chicken is harmed here

Round eggs are boring. Why eat eggs the way nature intended, when you can pervert nature and make them square? I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of boring round eggs. Besides, hard boiled eggs can roll off the damn table. That’s disaster waiting to happen. Avoid that with square eggs.

If you’re wondering exactly how this works, I can assure you that the chicken really has nothing to do with it as the box for the Egg Cuber implies with an “Ouch” caption. Just put a warm peeled hard boiled egg in the egg cuber with the base plate flat on the bottom. Place the forming plate on top of egg, then screw the top down until the egg turns square.

Source: TheKitchenStore

Jul 26, 2009

Bluetooth Ring - Amazing Gadget

Imagine receiving a call from your ring, removing it, and then turning it into a Bluetooth earpiece to take the call. That is the simple concept of The Orb, ring-shaped device that becomes an S-shaped device to fit into the ear.

The Orb has a flexible OLED that will display the caller information, calendar items, and voice-to-text information. So the next time you receive a ring, you can look at your ring.

You may notice that the opened up headset is hanging securely from the ear, but none of it is in the ear. Yeah, you don’t have to mess around with it too much, as the Orb uses bone conduction technology. Some of you have not seen bone conduction before, but it is a way of transmitting sound directly into the brain through touch.

It’s a pretty simple concept, isn’t it? The best part is the Orb is not a concept, but a device that is planned for release in 2010 for about $129. The Deluxe edition is about $175.

Source: Dvice

Jul 21, 2009

Robot riding bike - Amazing

Flossie may sound like the name of a dental hygiene bot, but it’s actually the Castrol-developed test rider you see above straddling that cycle. The robot has a self-learning mode that lets it to get a feel (throttle response, clutch drag, gear shifting patterns, etc.) for any stationary bike upon which it’s perched.

That’s right, he “rides” while stationary. We wonder how long it will be before he actually takes one of these bad boys on the road, joining up with Murata Boy. Flossie lets Castrol evaluate its lubricants as effectively as possible.

Source: Engadget

Jul 20, 2009

A phone for smokers - Not for me

Although I fully admit to chuckling quite a bit after first seeing this cellphone with a built-in cigarette lighter, I can see some practicality with it. After all, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard of my smoking friends losing their lighter. I’ve been asked numerous times if I happen to have a lighter on me, despite that they’re fully aware I don’t smoke. Having a lighter built into your cellphone would come in incredibly handy. After all, your phone is almost always somewhere within reach.

I know, smoking is a nasty habit, but smokers catch enough grief as it is. It only seems fair that they get the occasional high tech item to make their lives easier.

Gold cigarette lighter
Mp3 and Mp4
Bluetooth transmissin
Fm radio
Dual sim dual standby
Support 900/1800/850/1900 GSM
Dual SIM card
1.3mega pixel camera
Support multiple language

Source: Gearfuse

Jul 16, 2009

This Keyboard is really sponsored - Funny

Everything these days is sponsored by some major corporation. Advertising dominates the landscape and is virtually unavoidable.

Marketing is so pervasive in our world that image and branding has taken a stanglehold of our lives, and here we are with the Brand Everything keyboard where individual keys on the keyboard do not come with just the letter itself, it has been replaced with logos of some of the biggest and most famous companies - for example,

Google represents ‘G’ while HP is the ambassador for the letter ‘H’. Kudos to Ignacio Pilotto for concocting such an idea - it would be interesting to see which company/brandname will actually sell something like this. Hey, it sound so crazy, it might actually work!

Source: geeky-gadgets

Jul 13, 2009

A Mario Tribute to Nikola Tesla

Friday marks the 153rd birthday of one of the greatest geeks and most amazing minds of all time: Nikola Tesla. This genius is almost certainly why you have electricity in your house. What's more, most of the gear you own is powered by parts that use his ideas. We owe this man the modern age.

So what better way to celebrate his birthday--and thank the man--than to share a video of two Tesla coils playing the Super Mario Bros. theme song?

Jul 11, 2009

Air Horn that can be refilled - Annoying Gadget


This is one of those inventions most of the world really would probably wish it was never created. To be more specific everyone around the person that owns one of these will really really wish that it would just break. It can be reused time and time again, you’ll never need a refill for it like you would a normal air horn. Which means misery for all those around the person that owns it, up until they wise up and “accidentally” smash it.

The horn blares just as loud as all air horns. In order to keep it going you refill it with the included pump or any bicycle pump or service station air pump. Each time you recharge it or fill it up using a pump it will get you 70 excessively loud blasts. The fun will just keep on coming. Not only is it meant for sports fans or those that just enjoy annoying others but for boaters as well. You can purchase the Eco blaster Rechargeable Air Horn for $29.98 from Things You Never Knew Existed.

Source: CraziestGadget

Jul 9, 2009

Bikecar - The most weird vehicle


This bizarre Bike-Car is Italian and totally mad. Clearly the guy who thought it up couldn’t make up his mind whether he wanted to scoot around on a motorbike or travel in car upholstered comfort and decided to build the best of both worlds.

What we’d love to see is a detachable version of this, so you could press a button and zoom off through a traffic jam leaving the fat car carcass marooned in the fast lane. Anyone know more?


Jul 8, 2009

Jellyfish Aquarium - But it doesn't Mess your tank

Multicolor USB Jellyfish Aquarium

Here’s a new version of those popular jellyfish aquariums.

Here’s a new version of those popular jellyfish aquariums. This latest “moody light” model is equipped with multicolor LED lights that lets you circle though five soft lights.

Watching the lifelike Jellyfishes swimming, let your stress fading away and gives you sensation of relaxation.

It is so simple in the operation! Just add water into the tank, connect the USB cable to the USB port. A small motor generates a current in the water, encouraging the jellyfish to swim gently and freely.

The jellyfishes won’t starve or make a mess, they just swim and sleep whenever you want.


* USB-powered desktop aquarium
* Swimming jellyfish and life-like motion
* 5 bright LEDs – cycle through colors or select your favorite one
* On/Off Switch
* Plug and play
* No batteries required
* Dimension: 175 x 122 x 255mm (approx.)
* Weight: 750g

The USB Jellyfish Mini Aquarium with Moody Light is yours for $49 from USB Brando.