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Dec 12, 2009

Sun Jar - A perfect gift for any age

Sun and Moon Jars make a great gift for anyone. Just leave them in the sunlight to charge up (they don't work so well on cloudy days) and then you have a gentle blue or orange glow at night (depending on your choice of jar).

* Winner of the Eco Friendly Gift of the Year Award
* Free sunlight forever
* Rechargeable battery
* Energy efficient LED light
* Automatic switch activates Jars when it gets dark and can be switched off
* Natural orange or soothing blue glow
* Waterproof
* Great for barbecues and camping trips
* 5 hours light from one charge

The light isn't really bright enough to read by unless you have the jar very close to the page but they are useful at night for finding your way around, plus, you save on electricity by not switching lights on and off. Being weatherproof, they make a great addition to the garden and by setting the Jar to come on automatically when it's dark, you can have an interesting glow in your garden.”

Source: SUNJAR