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Mar 29, 2009

Humble Telescope - A 3D universe Simulator

Many of us are curious about the universe around us,
however for most of us the task of star gazing is out
of reach. Light pollution in our cities prevents us from
seeing the marvel that is the night sky.

The Humble Telescope is designed as an interactive
civic sculpture that brings the wonders of space down
to earth and into our cities, to encourage us learn more
about the universe and perhaps appreciate our own
world a little more.

Inside the telescope exists a 3D simulation of our entire
known universe. Pointing the telescope in any direction
immediately shows us what exists in that area of space,
so now we can get a greater understanding of where
the planets are and where we live in the Milky Way

Source: MocoLoco

Turkey Canon for a quick cooked turkey

The Turkey Cannon will actually cut down on cooking time by heating from the inside as well as outside. Made out of stainless steel, the Turkey Cannon is based on the old recipe called “beer can chicken” which steams the inside of the bird while the oven cooks the outside to a crispy golden brown.

The design is fairly simple. The stainless steel tub jetting out from the base can be filled up with broth, juice, beer, or any other flavorful liquid which willl then turn to steam as it is heated. The turkey, or chicken fits over the pipe and elevates the bird above the pan so that convection heat can encircle the bird, making cooking time even shorter.

You can still use a beer can for your chicken, but come Thanksgiving time, you may really wish you had the Turkey Cannon.

Source: Chef’s Resource

Mar 25, 2009

Mobile phone cum Shaver

It appears like the biggest Chinese mobile phone supplier has come up with something even more interesting: a phone that is an electric shaver.

Yes, someone actually realized how much electric shavers and cell phones have in common, and finally merged the two technologies together with the Cool758.

I believe that there is about a half-hour of shaving time on this guy, and about 2-3 hours worth of calling time (220-260 hours on standby). It also has dual SIM card slots, an FM radio, as well as other standard phone features.

Clearly, having a shaver on a phone is very much a non-standard feature. However, I haven’t heard how the user changes the blades out, or anything. Wouldn’t the hair get on the cell phone? Also, if the phone vibrates, is that because someone is calling you or did you leave the shaver on?

Let’s see the Apple iPhone develop an app for this shaving function. If you want to try this out, feel free to shell out about $112 for it. However, you should probably need to be in China to use it.

Source: Solomobi

Mar 23, 2009

Max Payne 3 - coming this winter 2009

A third chapter in the popular Max Payne franchise will release this winter, according to an announcement from publisher Rockstar Games.

The publisher's Vancouver studio, the minds behind open-world action game Bully, will develop Max Payne 3 for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

"We’re starting a new chapter of Max's life with this game," said Sam Houser, founder of Rockstar Games, in a statement. "This is Max as we’ve never seen him before, a few years older, more world-weary and cynical than ever."

The third-person game that follows the adventures of a police detective is best remembered for its Matrix-style, slow-motion shooting.

Source: Multiplayer

Espresso On the move - Handpresso

When you’re traveling, sometimes you have to give up your precious cup of espresso. Which can actually be more catastrophic for those that have to deal with you than it actually is for you. So as a service to the people around you, you should make sure that you’re never away from your coveted caffeine fix. To do that, you will need this Handpresso. It’s small enough to easily pack away in a suitcase so that it will be handy no matter where you travel.

Although it might not be quite up to the quality of a machine that you might use at home, it would at least be far better than nothing at all. In order to work the hand held item, just use the handle to pump in air up until you reach 16 bars of pressure. Then pour the hot water and press the release button. It then dispenses espresso with crema on top. There is no power needed, making it even more travel friendly. You can pick it up for $99 through Amazon.

Source: Bookofjoe

Mar 22, 2009

A USB Cellphone Booster - Another USB Gadget.

Is your Cell Phone signal weak in some part of your house or are you living within the blind spot where cellphone signal coverage is concerned. Then This is for you.

The USB Cellphone Booster plugs into your USB port and improves incoming and outgoing cellphone voice and data within a 5 foot radius. Simply place the wired antenna up to 15 feet away from the USB base unit in an area of marginal coverage. We got an increase in signal strength of 2-3 bars and made our iPhones very happy in the process. You’ll be the hero of those impromptu Starbucks meetings as your co-workers enjoy improved voice and data coverage.

Needless to say, you can’t make something out of nothing, so it is a great idea to have at least one bar of signal in order for the $99.99 USB Cellphone Booster to work. Has anyone used something like this yet, and how do you find it?

Source: ThinkGeek

Mar 20, 2009

Robot Fish to monitor Water Pollution

Marine life is tottering under the heavy burden of toxic waste, which as a result of rapid industrialization is being released into seas and rivers all over the world. Researchers at the University of Essex are working on a new robot, which will be equipped with chemical sensors to sniff out pollutants present in water bodies and relay them to their control centers.

The robots will mimic the movement of fish and as they find possible areas of contamination, they will relay the location to other robots in their vicinity using Wi-Fi. Completely autonomous, the robots will have artificial intelligent software that will enable them to navigate on their own. Using GPS, the robots can also return to the control center to deliver information and also recharge their batteries.

The robots will be released in groups, where each group will consist of five fish robots. For now the robots will be set off free in Thames, where they will produce a 3D pollution map, if the tests are successful, they could be used worldwide.

Source: Dailymail

Mar 17, 2009

Eco-Friendly Boston Batteries for HP laptops

Popular computer manufacturer, HP has announced a new range of notebook batteries developed by Boston Power, which will be available for 18 models developed by the company and will be available with a 3-year warranty. HP is promoting these new batteries under the “Enviro” name to emphasize their environmental attributes.

Costing around $150, these new batteries are available online and as claimed by HP, will be a longer-lasting alternative to the batteries your notebooks are currently equipped with. Apart from a longer backup time, the batteries warranty period will ensure that the number of batteries discarded every year is reduced considerably. While common notebook batteries start to lose performance after 100 or 150 charges, Boston Power says that these new batteries can be charged 1,000 times and get “like new” performance.

The Only thing is that these batteries cost about $30 more than the conventional batteries your notebook was shipped with. However, for the sake of the environment and to reduce the amount of toxic waste entering the ecosystem, it’s a little price to pay.

Source: goodcleantech

A Suit that lets you lift Heavy things

It appears like the giant aircraft maker company Lockheed Martin has developed an actual working exoskeleton. That’s right, one of those wearable strength-booster things plucked right out of science-fiction is now working reality!

Lockheed Martin calls this exoskeleton the HULC. Clearly, it takes its name as homage to the superhero Hulk, but, practically speaking, it reminds me of Iron Man, without the full-body metal suit.

The HULC is a “hydraulic-powered anthropomorphic exoskeleton that provides users with the ability to carry loads up to 200 lbs for extended periods of time and over all terrains”. Note the soldier carrying the bomb. I am assuming that the HULC is taking the weight, and preventing back strain.

As for the power of the HULC, it is completely battery-powered. I have heard that the exoskeleton is quite flexible, and its design is “power-saving”, to save on energy for secret missions.

So is this the age of the super-soldier? Remember in Iron Man how one of the bad guys said that you could conquer Asia with twelve Iron Man suits? Just imagine what an army of HULCs could do.

I don’t really have much information on this, but I’m guessing Lockheed Martin will only market this to the military. Too bad. I could think of a lot of private uses for this.

Source : TechFresh

Mar 8, 2009

Dora Gets a new Look

Dora the Explorer is growing up, with a new, mature look that has some parents up in arms.

Mattel and Nickelodeon have announced that the educational cartoon character, a favorite of the pre-school set, will become a tween next fall, and will have a new electronic fashion doll line to match the new look.

"As tweenage Dora, our heroine has moved to the big city, attends middle school and has a whole new fashionable look," the companies announced in a February release titled "Dora Grows Up!"

The Dora's look will not be revealed until next fall, the companies released a silhouette of the newly aged character, who's trading in her signature tomboy shorts and short bob for longer locks and a short skirt. The Dora Links fashion doll is expected to retail for $59.99 and there will also be other Dora Explorer Girls dolls and accessories available.
Source: ABC

The End of Xbox 360 Elite

Microsoft will soon pull out Xbox 360 Elite from their line as it’s not been selling that well.

According to its reports Microsoft will stop taking new orders in the second quarter and once Elite becomes ‘elite’ to be found then it’ll play a role of limited edition package, much like currently available Resident Evil 5 package. Likewise, these packages will be themed and will come with a title and for higher price than current Xbox 360 Elite. The report also goes onto claim that these packages will only be available in North America and Europe.

Our Source told us that Microsoft is already working with its Asian partners to finalize this plan, provided they don’t see any potential losses. I don’t take rumors that seriously but when it’s coming about Microsoft then there are pretty good chances of it being an early leak rather than being a baseless rumor.

Source: Kotaku

IE8 Can be removed in Windows 7

Yes its possible to remove the Internet Explorer 8 from Windows 7 and its official.

Microsoft Corp. has announced the next version of its Windows operating system will include a control panel that allows users to turn off Internet Explorer (IE) 8 and other key Microsoft programs.

"In addition to the features that were already available to turn on or off in Windows Vista, we've added the following features to the list in Windows 7," listing IE 8, Windows Media Player and a variety of other Microsoft programs. Although Windows 7, the successor to the much-criticized Vista, isn’t due out until next year, more than a million people are already testing early versions of the software.

Source: redorbit

Mar 7, 2009

New design wings - Ellipse Wings

The aeronautical engineers in Belarus have designed a unique design. Adorning its ellipse wings these planes look more from Saturn than they do from our own inhabited planet. So, creativity I guess isn’t about being different always, everyone can make weird things but building things that are inventive yet purposeful is the ultimate venture of creativity.

The Belarusian planes live up to the credentials with many beneficial aspects of the ellipse wings, which allow the wings size of the plane to be kept small, and with the attached air vortexes on the sides of the wings help increase power by about 30%. The ellipse wings also maintain a sustainable hold on the plane keeping it more firm in all conditions.

Source: EnglishRussia

400 year old tomb had a Swiss Watch

While some mysteries are occasionally solved, the majority tend to live on forever without the truth being revealed. One in the latter category concerns the recent discovery of a century-old Swiss watch discovered in an ancient Chinese tomb that has been sealed for more than 400 years.

watchring Swiss Watch Found in 400-Year Old Chinese Tomb picture

How did it get there? This is the question haunting the archaeologists who discovered the Swiss watch in an ancient tomb in Shangsi, southern China, they believed had not been opened since its occupant’s funeral, which occurred during the Ming Dynasty (15-16th centuries).

The miniature watch, which is in the shape of a ring, is thought to be barely a century old. The mysterious timepiece was encrusted in mud and rock and had stopped at 10:06 am. On the back of the watch, the word, ‘Swiss’ is engraved.

Its presence raises more questions than answers… like: Where did the watch come from? Could the watch/ring have been planted at the tomb, but if so, why and by whom?

The known facts do not really help in this case.

The Ming Dynasty did have its own unique age of watch making, but that does not explain why the word, ‘Swiss’ on the back of the watch is engraved in English. In Geneva, Switzerland, other languages were more common, namely French and German.

In 1541 in Geneva, there was a ban on flashy jewelry, so the idea of a watch/ ring might make some sense, as a watch was considered practical and essential. Still, there is no record anywhere of ring/watches being popular in Europe until after 1780, which only deepens the mystery.

The archaeologists were filming a documentary with two journalists when they made the puzzling discovery.

The dig has been suspended and researchers are currently awaiting the arrival of some experts from Beijing to help them unravel this most unsettling mystery.

Source: Ananova