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Mar 25, 2009

Mobile phone cum Shaver

It appears like the biggest Chinese mobile phone supplier has come up with something even more interesting: a phone that is an electric shaver.

Yes, someone actually realized how much electric shavers and cell phones have in common, and finally merged the two technologies together with the Cool758.

I believe that there is about a half-hour of shaving time on this guy, and about 2-3 hours worth of calling time (220-260 hours on standby). It also has dual SIM card slots, an FM radio, as well as other standard phone features.

Clearly, having a shaver on a phone is very much a non-standard feature. However, I haven’t heard how the user changes the blades out, or anything. Wouldn’t the hair get on the cell phone? Also, if the phone vibrates, is that because someone is calling you or did you leave the shaver on?

Let’s see the Apple iPhone develop an app for this shaving function. If you want to try this out, feel free to shell out about $112 for it. However, you should probably need to be in China to use it.

Source: Solomobi