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Mar 22, 2009

A USB Cellphone Booster - Another USB Gadget.

Is your Cell Phone signal weak in some part of your house or are you living within the blind spot where cellphone signal coverage is concerned. Then This is for you.

The USB Cellphone Booster plugs into your USB port and improves incoming and outgoing cellphone voice and data within a 5 foot radius. Simply place the wired antenna up to 15 feet away from the USB base unit in an area of marginal coverage. We got an increase in signal strength of 2-3 bars and made our iPhones very happy in the process. You’ll be the hero of those impromptu Starbucks meetings as your co-workers enjoy improved voice and data coverage.

Needless to say, you can’t make something out of nothing, so it is a great idea to have at least one bar of signal in order for the $99.99 USB Cellphone Booster to work. Has anyone used something like this yet, and how do you find it?

Source: ThinkGeek