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Sep 30, 2008

Now a RC Helicopter that Shoots Balls

Summer is long gone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look forward to next year’s edition! The Falcon radio controlled helicopter is different from the rest since it not only flies around like an irritating insect, it is also capable of holding BB balls in its cargo hold, shooting it at your intended target to make yourself more of a pest than ever before to the people around you. The batteries are able to last for eight minutes of flight, but I would say you would probably be trigger happy and finish up your rounds way before the eight minutes are up.

Source : hobbymedia

Sep 25, 2008

SONY unveils Blu-Ray Internal Writer

Sony has just released its third generation internal Blu-ray disc writer for the masses without costing too much, ensuring you get to make an affordable upgrade for a cost-effective backup solution. This new model is known as the BWU-300S, and unless you have tons of data to burn and make backup copies at home or at the office, I still think regular DVDs will suffice. After all, not every home has a Blu-ray player at this point in time, but sure as heck nearly every home with a computer is able to read DVDs, right? More on the Sony BWU-300S right after the jump.

The new BWU-300S model burns single and dual layer BD-R media at up to 8X speed, recording a full 25GB disc in about 15 minutes and a full 50GB disc in about 30 minutes. The 8X recording speed is achieved using 6X compatible BD-R media. The drive also records DVDs at up to 16X, CDs up to 48X, and supports DVD-RAM recording, with an eye towards data backup, making it an excellent replacement burner for a standard DVD drive while offering all the benefits of Blu-ray Disc technology. The BWU-300S drive can record up to 50GB of data for random access storage and backup on BD-R (write once) or BD-RE (rewritable) discs, or up to 230 minutes of high-definition HDV 1080i video on a BD-R/RE 50GB disc. It also supports recording on standard single layer 4.7GB DVD+-R/+-RW/-RAM discs, 8.5GB DVD+-R double/dual layer discs, and CDs. The internal drive features a Serial ATA (SATA) interface and standard 5.25-inch form-factor for easy installation inside a desktop PC with Microsoft Windows XP or Windows Vista operating systems. Also included with the drive is CyberLink’s software suite for capturing, authoring, editing, burning and viewing high-definition personal content.

This $400 drive is not all about work though, since you get to have some fun by sampling a Blu-ray movie if you haven’t yet got the high definition bug. Each purchase comes with a Blu-ray version of Men in Black - an old film (by today’s standards) that is still as entertaining as it was when released many years ago. Compared to the regular DVD version, this Blu-ray version features advanced BD-Live enabled bonus features such as a multiplayer trivia game, an interactive Frank the Pug advice generator and an alien subtitle track among others.

Source : prnewswire

Saitek P2600 is ‘Rumble Force’

PC gamers are in for a treat. Here’s a gamepad that could change their perception about how games ought to be played. Saitek P2600 Rumble Force First Person Shooter Gamepad looks brilliant and best of all, it is available for less that five greenbacks. Yup the product pictured above is coming dirt cheap on Woot. The P2600 has Immersion technology that will immerse you in every bit of the game. It is compatible with Vista as well as Win XP. Needless to say, it is supposed to work charm with FPSs, even if the game does not support it. Two analog joysticks, 6 buttons and a 8-way direction pad, are things that you can notice just as well. In any case, $4.99 and a two-year-warranty form Saitek, difficult to beat that.

Source: Gizmodo

Sep 24, 2008

Rubik's cube gets updated to new form

Everybody knows about the Rubiks Cube and guess what there is now a new model of the famous rubiks cube. The new Rubiks Mirror Blocks puzzle makes things a bit more complicated than the original by making each and every one of its blocks a slightly different size. And instead of pretty colors, each one is covered with a mirrored surface, making it just that much more difficult to figure out.

I also found a clip of the new rubiks cube unboxed. Check it out.

Source : dgfreak

Large Collider Operation halted till next year

The world’s newest and largest particle accelerator, the Large Hadron Collider, will not begin operations again until April, officials at the European Center for Nuclear Research said Tuesday.

The machine is built to speed the subatomic particles called protons to nearly the speed of light and then smash them together in search of new forms of matter and energy that cannot be produced in smaller machines. Two weeks ago, the center for nuclear research, which is outside Geneva, sent the first beams of protons around the machine’s 17-mile-long underground racetrack.

But last Friday the machine was shut down after an electrical connection between two of the superconducting electromagnets that steer the protons suffered a so-called quench, heating up, melting and leaking helium into the collider tunnel. Liquid helium is used to cool the magnets to superconducting temperatures of only about 3.5 degrees Fahrenheit above absolute zero. Stray heat can cause the magnets to lose their superconductivity with potentially disastrous consequences.

To make repairs, it will be necessary to warm the magnets up and then cool them back down again, which takes at least two months, engineers say. And that leaves scant time to run the collider before it has to shut down for the winter in early December to save money on electricity.

Engineers at the European Center for Nuclear Research have already scheduled a series of tests and other activities intended to bring the collider up to its full potential of delivering protons with energies of 7 trillion electron volts to their deaths in primordial fireballs.

In a statement released by the center’s press office, Robert Aymar, the director-general of the laboratory, acknowledged that the delay “is undoubtedly a psychological blow,” but that the success of putting the first beam through the $8 billion machine was testimony to the skill and dedication of the center’s team. “I have no doubt that we will overcome this setback with the same degree of rigor and application,” he said.

Akon and A R Rahman to do an album together

Hip Hop artist Akon's manager is in Mumbai (INDIA). And he is here with a message for A R Rahman. Akon's manager boarded the flight from Boston to Mumbai a few days ago.

A source said, "Akon is quite impressed by Indian music especially the bhangra songs, which are in vogue these days. Considering the popularity of Indian music, Akon has expressed a desire to sing Punjabi songs, Hip Hop and R&B for his Indian fans. And he'd like to work with Rahman whose work he really admires."

As soon as he decided to work with A R Rahman, Akon sent his manager and partner to discuss and finalise a few projects, which the singer and composer can work together on. And that's not all.

"Given Akon's popularity, a pivotal player like Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group (ADAG) is also in talks with Akon. ADAG will soon be flying off to the US to have a meeting with Akon," said the source.

"Akon's manager had a fruitful discussion with Rahman. Rahman will soon meet Akon in Atlanta to finalise an action plan. They have a few things in mind that will be executed soon. Akon is also looking forward to working with solo singers like Sonu Nigam and cut more albums for Indian audiences," added the source.

Sep 23, 2008

A walkie that doesnt need a battery

This Walkie has all the functionality of battery ridden chatterboxes such as a 3 km range, 8 channels, LCD display screen and being generally pretty darn rugged, these Walkie Talkies are, as the name suggests, powered by winding them up. The dynamo mechanism knocks past dynamo efforts into a cocked hat, making it simple with just a few cranks to get connected.


  • A pair of walkie talkies that can be powered by a manual wind or via the mains.
  • The walkie talkies have 8 channels.
  • A range of up to 3km in good weather conditions.
  • One minutes cranking is equivalent to two minutes talk time and ten minutes standby.
  • Requires a mains adaptor (UK adaptor included) or simply wrist power.
  • Suitable for ages 12 years+.
  • Size: 12.5 x 7 x 4cm.
Source: iwantoneofthose

Sep 21, 2008

Projector Phone from China for $365

The china's projector phone is a tri-band GSM model that features all of the options you’d expect on a smartphone these days like a touch screen, bluetooth, digital camera, microSD card slot and what appears to be a bastardized version of the iPhone OS, but it also includes a built-in 640×480 projector, which is definitely something most consumers would not expect. The photo above shows a supposed actual projection from the phone, but the video I’ve included below seems a bit more indicative of what the projector’s quality is really like.


Sep 20, 2008

Carry this Cigaret Packet even if you are not a smoker.

Tea bags and pack look like cigarettes. Some fun for you and your friends. See? - you take a cigarette and drop to hot water cup - and you got tea, because its tea in cigarette (not tobacco). Filter works like a float. And there is a common concept for tea and cigarettes and that is, its break to communication between friends.

Sep 19, 2008

Human Skin Cells turned into Insulin

At the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of medicine, scientists have successfully transformed human skin cells into cells that can produce insulin the Harmone that is used in the treatment of diabetes.
This discovery may one day lead to new treatment or even a cure for people who are affected by diabetese. This breakthrough achievement is done by reprogramming skin cells into pluripotent stem cells, or cells that can produce any other cell type, and then inducing them to transform into cells that perform a insulin secretion.

Lead author Yi Zhang said
"Not only have we shown that we can reprogram skin cells, but we have also demonstrated that these reprogrammed cells can be differentiated into insulin-producing cells which hold great therapeutic potential for diabetes"


World’s Smallest Computer - FIT PC SLIM

Every once in a while, you want some space on your desk and you wish your desktop PC was smaller. The Fit-PC Slim may be the smallest computer of all, as it measures 4.3 x 3.9 x 1.2 inches.

Not only is it the smallest, but it might be the most energy efficient yet as it uses only 6 watts of power. It weighs in at a light 13 ounces.

So what is inside it? It has processor of an AMD Geode LX800 500MHz, 512MB RAM, plus the option of a 2.5 hard drive. The Fit-PC is set up for Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity, and for VGA output.

You should be able to do a little bit of email, web browsing, or word processing, but it will probably remind you back in the days of old school IBMs. Still, how many PC’s can you stuff in the back of your pocket? Now, if you had a pocket big enough for a widescreen monitor, you will be set.

The price for the 256MB configuration without WiFi is about $220. The 512MB version that is without Wi-Fi and hard drive will run about $245. There are other versions that include a 60MB hard drive and 512M of RAM ($295) or Linux or Windows XP ($335).

Source: Linuxdevices

Life with Playstation Officially launched

Many fans of Wii news have been complaining about the lack of good graphics and a friendly format for real-time news and information. However, PS3 fanboys have a reason to feel great, for the new Life With PlayStation service has been launched and gives the user instant access to news and information in a cool way. This program would work along with Stanford researchers’ Folding@home and hence, help them as well, to develop the technology further. You could download this service via XMB and all you need to do is select the Folding@Home icon under ‘Network’. The new service ‘Life with PlayStation’released September 18, worldwide.

Source: Gizmodo

Sep 17, 2008

Now WII uses ISO Loader to Run Backup games

Finally a hack is upon us, one that promises to run ISOs without a need to obtain legal original copies of the game. Developer Waninkoko has released a video that shows the application in action. The “work in progress” v0.1 backup ISO loader is demonstrated running The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess from Wii Homebrew Channel. And yes there’s no modchip involved! The plan of action instead involves creating a legal backup (yeah right) of the title, then converting the ISO file via this app and burning it on a DVD. Thereafter, the user needs to copy the ISO loader onto Wii Homebrew channel and get cracking. To watch the Video Click Read More...

XBOX 360 Arcade gets Cheaper

Here is some good news for gamers. Xbox 360 Arcade, which is a non-hard drive model of the console, will cost only £129 and the 60GB hard drive based console is also coming down in price to £169. If this was not enough the all black elite version will cost only £229. Seems like a new price war is going to happen among the major consoles. The slashing of prices would definitely have worried PS3 and Wii. They may have to slash prices too, very soon. However, what most gamers are looking for is some free games being thrown along with the consoles, which is already happening. However, we gamers are a greedy lot and always expect more than what is offered.

Source: TechDigest

Elephant cured from Drug Addiction

big-brother Vets Cure Elephant of Drug Addiction picture

An Asian elephant that was fed bananas laced with heroin by cruel smugglers to keep him under control has been put through a detox program by Chinese vets in Beijing.

Big Brother is four years old and has suffered much in his young lifetime. He was illegally captured in 2005 in southwest China and when police arrested the smugglers some months later and freed the elephant, authorities noticed that the poor creature was displaying repeated signs of distress.

The elephant was suffering from drug withdrawal symptoms and was sent to a wild animal protection center, which provided a three-year detox program.

Big Brother is fine today. He received a year of treatment that consisted of methadone injections at five times the maximum human dosage.

The dose was gradually reduced and he rallied and recovered. He and three other elephants that had been held by smugglers will soon arrive at a wildlife park in Kunming, the capital of southwest China’s Yunnan province to live their lives drug-free and as happy as can be expected.

Sep 13, 2008

Real Life Pikachus Auctioned for $925 Million

If you are a fan of anything Japan, then you have to know about Pikachu, the main character from the internationally famous cartoon Pokemon.

Some lucky people received the chance of a lifetime last new years eve, when a man claiming to have discovered a Pikachu forest offered to catch live Pikachus for around $925 million each through a Yahoo! Japan Auction.

pikachu Real Life Pikachus Auctioned for $925 Million picture
The auction limited the number of Pikachus that would be caught to 20 and with the purchase of 3 months of Pikachu food, the seller would provide a 60 minute training video to help teach new owners how to properly raise a young Pikachu.

We figure anyone who was willing to pay the $925 million probably ended up with something like this in the mail:

pokemon-rat Real Life Pikachus Auctioned for $925 Million picture

Source: Yahooauctionwatch

Batman Arkham Asylum screenshots


Recently, the really awesome Batman Arkham Asylum was announced and a lot has happened ever since it was announced. However, in case you seem to be distracted by all the other newer games, Eidos has decided to keep you hooked to Batman Arkham Asylum and hence, has released a number of screenshots to lure you back. You can check out cool gameplay and artwork in these screenshots. Batman fans and Joker fans can fight against each other as some really disturbing pictures have been posted. You really must check out this game and start playing for or against Batman.

Skull screaming out of your PS3

Hey there gamers, ever thought of making your PlayStation 3 look even cooler? Not that it doesn’t look cool anyway, here’s something that might interest you. I know it does interest me.

Its a very cool skin/cover for your PS3 which not only looks good, but protects it as well. For $10.99 (from Sourcing Map), you’ll get a skin shaped with a skull trying to come out of the machine. Although it looks as though it might be a soft, plastic skin, it’s actually a hard, crafted shell that attaches. I find it awesome, and when or if I do get a PS3, I’ll make sure to buy this at the same time. I think a dragon on it would look cool too.

Sep 12, 2008

Unicorn of Africa Photographed

The okapi, a creature so strange and rare it was once thought to be a unicorn, has been photographed for the first time in the wild.

The images were captured by a motion-triggered camera in Virunga National Park, deep in the jungles of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Some had feared that the okapi -- a close relative of the giraffe, though mottled with zebra-like stripes -- had been driven extinct by habitat loss and human predation during the decade-long central African civil war.

Images: Zoological Society of London

Sep 10, 2008

Girl kills self over Big Bang fear

BHOPAL: A teenage girl in Madhya Pradesh herself on Wednesday after being traumatised by media reports that a "Big Bang" experiment in Europe could bring about the end of the world, her father said.

The 16-year old girl from Madhya Pradesh drank pesticide and was rushed to the hospital but later died, police said.

Her father, identified on local television as Biharilal, said that his daughter, Chayya, killed herself after watching doomsday predictions made on news programmes.

"In the past two days, Chayya had asked me and other relatives about the world coming to an end on Sept. 10," Biharilal was quoted as saying.

"We tried to divert her attention and told her she should not worry about such things, but to no avail," he said.

For the past two days, many news channels held discussions airing doomsday predictions over a huge particle-smashing machine buried under the Swiss-French border.

The machine, called the Large Hadron Collider, was switched on Wednesday, at the start of what experts say is the largest scientific experiment in human history.

The machine smashes particles together to achieve, on a small-scale, re-enactments of the "Big Bang" that created the universe.

Leading scientists and researchers at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, said the experiment was safe. They dismissed as "pure fiction" doomsday predictions that the experiment could create anti-matter, or black holes.

But in deeply religious and superstitious India, fears about the experiment and the minor risks associated with it spread rapidly through the media.

In east India, thousands of people rushed to temples to pray and fast while others savoured their favourite foods in anticipation of the world's end.

"There were a thousand more devotees yesterday as well as today compared to (any) other normal day," Benudhara Sahu, a temple official in Orissa, told reporters.

Many women and children rushed to temples and observed fasts as they prayed for deliverance, officials and witnesses said.

Assurances by scientists and the media that nothing would happen counted for nothing for housewife Rukmini Moharana.

"I visited temple, prayed to god," Moharana said. "I am observing the fast for safety because god can only save us."


Google is 10 years old

Google applied for incorporation as a business 10 years ago =D> Thursday, according to a timeline supplied by the company. The application was accepted on Sept. 7, which is Sunday.

In that decade, the search engine company has quickly emerged as the most successful business on the Web, and many expect it to dominate the next era of computing as thoroughly as Microsoft dominated the era of personal computers.

Here's a quick snapshot of Google by the numbers along with some comparisons to Microsoft. The sources of the data are the companies, Yahoo Finance and comScore.

Google's age: 10
Microsoft's age: 33

Google's revenue in the last 4 quarters: $19.6 billion
Microsoft's revenue in the last 4 quarters: $60.4 billion

Microsoft's revenue at age 10: $140 million
($279 million in today’s dollars)

Google's revenue per hour in the last 4 quarters: $2.2 million
Microsoft's revenue per hour in the last 4 quarters: $6.9 million

Google's net income in the last 4 quarters: $4.85 billion
Microsoft's net income in the last 4 quarters: $17.6 billion

Google employees, as of June 30th: 19,604
Microsoft employees, as of May 31st: 89,809

Google's revenue per employee: $1 million
Microsoft's revenue per employee: $672,000

Market value of Google: $142 billion
Market value of Microsoft: $241 billion

Number of tech companies with a market value larger than Google's: 3 (Microsoft, I.B.M. and Apple, in that order)

Worldwide searches on Google in July: 48.7 billion
Worldwide searches on Microsoft in July: 2.3 billion

Worldwide searches per hour on Google in July: 65 million
Worldwide searches per hour on Microsoft in July: 3.1 million


Sep 9, 2008

Doomsday this week? Black hole on the earth

A project has been built unobtrusively underground. It is believed a sum of Rs 31,000 crores has been spent in creating a tunnel. A test will be conducted on Sep 10, 2008. Many scientists believe that this may lead to a black hole on the earth..

THIS WEDNESDAY (September 10), the world will end. This is revealed by the hunt for truth behind the origin of the universe. A machine has been built which will bombard protons at 14 Tev of collision energy and reveal its secrets. This study will reveal what happens to an atom when it is bombarded. This is a study of particle physics which is a simulation of the big bang and reveals the truth behind the universe. This is actually a study of Standard Physics, combining the forces of electromagnetism and the strong and weak nuclear force excluding the fourth force gravity. This will actually reveal the secrets of the atom. Which are the sub atoms or break-ups which will be heavier or lighter? Scientists want to find out what exactly is dark matter.

There is a secret project which has been built unobtrusively underground, crossing the boundary between Switzerland and France. It is believed that a sum of Rs 31,000 crores has been spent in creating a tunnel. This test will be conducted on September 10, 2008. Many scientists believe that this may lead to a dangerous situation - a black hole may be created on the earth. It will spell doomsday for earthlings and lead to an unstoppable chain reaction which will create upheavals on earth. If the reaction gets unstoppable this will lead to an unimaginable impact where within two minutes the whole of the earth and the moon will be destroyed and within eight minutes the sun and the whole of the solar system will be destroyed. And within a few minutes the impact will be felt in the Milky Way and the unimaginable impact on neighbouring galaxies will become unavoidable.

Scientists working on this project are receiving threats to their lives from some unidentified sources. The organisations responsible are being sued for fear of uncertainty of the results. This project, named Large Hadron Collider by CERN, is a joint project of the U.S. Department of Energy, Fermilab, the National Science Foundation and CERN, a European organisation for nuclear research which is project initiated in partnership with 34 countries and with around 2000 scientists involved. But scientists working on this project say that this is a rumour being spread foolishly and you need to believe in science. And elaboreate description of the Large Hadron Collider can been seen in the Youtube video below:

The Nobel Prize winner Frank Wilczek is also on this project. An unnamed resource has informed that Frank has received life-threatening calls.

Frank is really upset with these misleading stories.
Mark Henderson, the science editor of The Times says that anything could happen but we need to believe in some principles of physics. People who are scared of this machine or test have their own theory and even scientists are part of this school. They say that as soon as the machine starts it will trigger a chain reaction which is unimaginable and uncontrollable and will spell doom for the very existence of humanity. As soon as this happens, the earth will split, the sea will rise, volcanoes will burst and it will be devastation all over.

The second theory says that a blast, a huge one like the big bang, will finish the whole universe in a few seconds. God, save us; we know you and not the theories.

Sep 7, 2008

Spore - New Advertise Technique by EA

EA has come up with a unique marketing plan by making one of the world’s tiniest billboards to market their new title Spore. In San Francisco’s Union Square, they have set up a 14″ by 6″ billboard with the new advert.

However, the board was placed at the top of one of buildings, making it impossible to read with the naked human eye. It would require a telescope to actually see it. EA has also done us the favor by placing a telescope aimed directly at the board, so users could actually take a look at read it. This idea seems to be quite dandy, because people would actually stop by to look at the ad. If it were just a regular full-scale ad, I think people would less likely notice it among all the other clutter of ads, but this unique idea certainly will have visitors taking a second look. So if you happen to be in the Bay Area in San Francisco, take some time to check this out. Shown below (the last pic) is the actual ad people see when they look through the telescope.

Sep 6, 2008

Self Destructing Email - Fun and Secure

This note will self-destruct in five seconds! No longer do the spies in movies get to be the only ones sending or receiving notes that self-destruct. Now, you can send notes that destroy themselves as soon as your recipient reads them. Let's check this out!

It's a three step process. Step one: write the note. Step two: send the link for the note to the person the note is intended for. Step three: they read it and it's destroyed right away!

So, start by typing your note in the blank text box. Once you’re finished composing your note, you have a decision to make. Do you want to know if they’ve read it? If so, make sure you click on the checkbox and fill in your e-mail address. If not, just click Post.

That will then create a link you can copy and paste into an e-mail addressed to your intended recipient. Then your work is done! They just have to read it and the message will self-destruct.

I sent myself one as a test and it really does destroy the messages after they're read. In fact, it will inform you how long ago the note was read. How cool is that?!

This Web site gets two thumbs up from me for being so cool. Go enjoy it!


Dolphin speedboat - A Millionaire plaything

A dolphin-inspired cross between a jetski and a submarine is the latest millionaire plaything making a big splash.

The Seabreacher can glide on top or below water at high speed - and it has enough power to soar out of the water and fly through the air and perform stunts.

The two-man £30,000 craft has been designed to mimic the shape of a dolphin and self-rights whenever it splashes down.

The mini-submarine has a top speed of 45mph over the surface of the water and half that when it dives under.

The 15ft fibre-glass machine can stay under for long periods as it has a snorkel that supplies air to its 1,500cc, 215hp marine engine.

Its Californian creators custom-build up to 20 of the crafts a year, mainly for the super-rich yachting market. Its see-through polycarbonate canopy is half-an-inch thick and is the same used on F-16 fighter jets.

Rob Innes, of design company Innespace, said: "You can drive it just like a boat with the canopy open at full speed of 45mph on the surface.

"It can do 20mph below the water. If you go below snorkel depth you run out of air for the engine and you stay under for 20 seconds before the craft will automatically surface. But with the snorkel system in use you can stay under for longer."

Sep 5, 2008

Ghostbuster Makes a comeback

It appears that the hit movie franchise from the 1980s, Ghostbusters, is set to make a comeback.

Reports state that Columbia Pictures is hard at work to bring back Ghostbusters with a brand new film.

The hope is that the new Ghostbusters will feature all four main characters from the original two movies.

This could mean that we may soon see the return of Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harol Ramis, and Ernie Hudson as the Ghostbusters yet again.

This time out, the executive producers of The Office, Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky, have been given the job to write the new Ghostbusters.

Once the writing is done, it will then be shown to the stars.

Ghost Busters Movie on 2GB Pen Drive

The 1984 comedy Ghostbusters is one of the funniest movies ever made, and it will now be remembered as the first film ever to be released in USB flash drive format. PNY and Sony Pictures Entertainment recently announced plans to pre-load the film on specially marked 2GB USB drives.

The film is put on flash drive in a DRM format, so a user cannot copy it. However, you can download it to your PC in case you need your ectoplasmic fix for the day. Unfortunately, if you try and play the movie without the flash drive inserted, you will get slimed, as it will not work.

This is the first time a movie has been used to sell a flash drive, but it probably won’t be the last. Perhaps all movies will be on flash drives someday, but these flash drives should probably be some sort of special packaging. This Ghostbusters flash drive, by itself, has no branding of any kind, but it does have 12 hours of video play, 33 hours of music and 1080 picture capacity.

So, “who ya gonna call” if you want the Ghostbusters 2GB flash drive? The Argos website! It is at a high price of $53, but as Bill Murray said in the film, “no job is too big, no fee is too big”.

Source : Gearlog

Sep 3, 2008

Planetarium from our couch

Stargazing. Man has been doing it since they looked up and wondered what those little pinpricks were in the sky. The stars change with the seasons, they change with the passing of the clock, they change whether it’s day or night. But sometimes, it’s down right difficult to either get up at “oh dark thirty” or when it’s too cold to look into the lens of a telescope. But that doesn’t mean budding astronomers have to miss out. This HomeStar Planetarium Projector gives stargazers an amazing view of over 10,000 stars in the comfort of one’s own home. And it does it with a few surprises as while a crystal-clear, rotating field of 10,000 stars is projected on your ceiling or wall, everyone so often, watchers are treated random streaking meteors.

The Planetarium Projector comes in a slick spheric design that’s motorized to move the star map in perfect time with the real McCoy. There are two hi resolution image disks that provide different starfield views (presumably of the northern and southern skies) and there’s adjustable projection angles for displaying those stars on either the walls or ceilings. Powered by either battery pack or AC adapter.

Cost is about $150 from

Sep 2, 2008

Street Fighter IV has an infinite combo

Infinite combos have always been argued about and many of us don’t seem to like it. The reason is, a player can go ahead and win a match by continuing one combo until the opponent dies, and here we are talking about fighting games. Street Fighter IV’s El Fuerte also has an infinite combo. It starts at 0:27 and ends at 0:38. Fuerte starts the infinite again when we just think his time is up. Now we must see how the gaming community would react to this important revelation. Street Fighter IV has been talked about a lot these days and is really popular among the gaming community and now, that might change.

Sep 1, 2008

Partially biodegradable laptops - Asus

Asus introduced partially biodegradable laptops that come with either 11.1- or 12.1-inch, 1,280 x 768 pixel displays, your choice of 3/6/9-cell batteries, and ASUS' Super Hybrid Engine allowing you to dial down the power when the wails of the Arctic penguins become too much to bear. The 12.1-incher is the relative powerhouse of the pair offering Vista a ride atop your choice of Intel T9400/P8600/P8400 Core 2 Duo processors, 256MB of NVIDIA GeForce 9300M GS graphics, a 320GB hybrid hard drive sporting 256MB of flash, and Intel's WiMAX / WiFi Link 5100 chipset.

Source: Asus

RC Hovering Space Surfer

Looks a whole lot like Boba Fett to me at first glance, this Remote Controlled Hovering Space Surfer.

This is the remote controlled 9″ space surfer that hovers in the air, spins 360, and moves left, right, forward, and backward - all while levitating parallel to the ground. Capable of indoor or outdoor flights, the space surfer has dual propellers that generate enough thrust to send the device from a stationary position to 66-feet in the air without requiring a hand-launch. The radio frequency remote control has proportional throttle and trim settings that allow it to be precisely controlled through climbs, descents, and turns. Made from durable EPP foam, the aircraft’s body withstands turbulent flights and crash landings. Pre-assembled and ready to fly, the device is powered by a rechargeable battery that recharges via the included AC adapter.

The Remote Controlled Hovering Space Surfer will come with a 27 foot range remote and is powered by a 9-volt battery. The theory of diminishing returns applies here - it takes 70 minutes to charge, and yet offers just a quarter of an hour’s worth of R&R time. You can pick it up for $89.95.

Draganflyer X6 - A Eye in the sky

I’m not too sure if the Draganflyer X6 was not spelt properly on purpose, but whatever it is, the name isn’t really more important compared to what the Draganflyer X6 offers.

The Draganflyer X6 is a remotely operated, unmanned, miniature helicopter designed to carry wireless video cameras and still cameras. Operate the Draganflyer X6 helicopter with the easy to use handheld controller while viewing what the helicopter sees through video glasses. The Draganflyer X6 helicopter uses a unique 6-rotor design refined from an original concept that has been under development since early 2006. The Draganflyer X6 helicopter uses 11 sensors and thousands of lines of code to self-stabilize during flight. This means the Draganflyer X6 is easier to fly than any other helicopter in its class. The Draganflyer X6 on-board software is the result of extensive testing and development. The Draganflyer X6 helicopter is a revolutionary reconnaissance Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV); it can be transported in a 5.5″ diameter tube slung over the users back while always being ready to launch immediately. Fly it over hills to get a safe view of what is on the other side.

I think for the layman, most of them will use it for less altruistic purposes such as spying on the enemy.