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Sep 7, 2008

Spore - New Advertise Technique by EA

EA has come up with a unique marketing plan by making one of the world’s tiniest billboards to market their new title Spore. In San Francisco’s Union Square, they have set up a 14″ by 6″ billboard with the new advert.

However, the board was placed at the top of one of buildings, making it impossible to read with the naked human eye. It would require a telescope to actually see it. EA has also done us the favor by placing a telescope aimed directly at the board, so users could actually take a look at read it. This idea seems to be quite dandy, because people would actually stop by to look at the ad. If it were just a regular full-scale ad, I think people would less likely notice it among all the other clutter of ads, but this unique idea certainly will have visitors taking a second look. So if you happen to be in the Bay Area in San Francisco, take some time to check this out. Shown below (the last pic) is the actual ad people see when they look through the telescope.