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Sep 9, 2008

Doomsday this week? Black hole on the earth

A project has been built unobtrusively underground. It is believed a sum of Rs 31,000 crores has been spent in creating a tunnel. A test will be conducted on Sep 10, 2008. Many scientists believe that this may lead to a black hole on the earth..

THIS WEDNESDAY (September 10), the world will end. This is revealed by the hunt for truth behind the origin of the universe. A machine has been built which will bombard protons at 14 Tev of collision energy and reveal its secrets. This study will reveal what happens to an atom when it is bombarded. This is a study of particle physics which is a simulation of the big bang and reveals the truth behind the universe. This is actually a study of Standard Physics, combining the forces of electromagnetism and the strong and weak nuclear force excluding the fourth force gravity. This will actually reveal the secrets of the atom. Which are the sub atoms or break-ups which will be heavier or lighter? Scientists want to find out what exactly is dark matter.

There is a secret project which has been built unobtrusively underground, crossing the boundary between Switzerland and France. It is believed that a sum of Rs 31,000 crores has been spent in creating a tunnel. This test will be conducted on September 10, 2008. Many scientists believe that this may lead to a dangerous situation - a black hole may be created on the earth. It will spell doomsday for earthlings and lead to an unstoppable chain reaction which will create upheavals on earth. If the reaction gets unstoppable this will lead to an unimaginable impact where within two minutes the whole of the earth and the moon will be destroyed and within eight minutes the sun and the whole of the solar system will be destroyed. And within a few minutes the impact will be felt in the Milky Way and the unimaginable impact on neighbouring galaxies will become unavoidable.

Scientists working on this project are receiving threats to their lives from some unidentified sources. The organisations responsible are being sued for fear of uncertainty of the results. This project, named Large Hadron Collider by CERN, is a joint project of the U.S. Department of Energy, Fermilab, the National Science Foundation and CERN, a European organisation for nuclear research which is project initiated in partnership with 34 countries and with around 2000 scientists involved. But scientists working on this project say that this is a rumour being spread foolishly and you need to believe in science. And elaboreate description of the Large Hadron Collider can been seen in the Youtube video below:

The Nobel Prize winner Frank Wilczek is also on this project. An unnamed resource has informed that Frank has received life-threatening calls.

Frank is really upset with these misleading stories.
Mark Henderson, the science editor of The Times says that anything could happen but we need to believe in some principles of physics. People who are scared of this machine or test have their own theory and even scientists are part of this school. They say that as soon as the machine starts it will trigger a chain reaction which is unimaginable and uncontrollable and will spell doom for the very existence of humanity. As soon as this happens, the earth will split, the sea will rise, volcanoes will burst and it will be devastation all over.

The second theory says that a blast, a huge one like the big bang, will finish the whole universe in a few seconds. God, save us; we know you and not the theories.