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Jul 30, 2009

USB Remote for Mouse

This USB Mouse Remote offers wireless control of your computer to a fine grained degree that will cheer your heart and make the birds sing in the woods. Why? Well it features application program shortcuts just a finger tip away, full multimedia and mouse control with a nifty pad and buttons and a micro sized keypad for entering text and stuff.

Suddenly you can do all your computing stuff lying down with a tube kit supplying Mountain Dew and a mirror on the ceiling to reflect the sports results from TV.

Source: Gizfever

Jul 27, 2009

Eggs that are square - no chicken is harmed here

Round eggs are boring. Why eat eggs the way nature intended, when you can pervert nature and make them square? I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of boring round eggs. Besides, hard boiled eggs can roll off the damn table. That’s disaster waiting to happen. Avoid that with square eggs.

If you’re wondering exactly how this works, I can assure you that the chicken really has nothing to do with it as the box for the Egg Cuber implies with an “Ouch” caption. Just put a warm peeled hard boiled egg in the egg cuber with the base plate flat on the bottom. Place the forming plate on top of egg, then screw the top down until the egg turns square.

Source: TheKitchenStore

Jul 26, 2009

Bluetooth Ring - Amazing Gadget

Imagine receiving a call from your ring, removing it, and then turning it into a Bluetooth earpiece to take the call. That is the simple concept of The Orb, ring-shaped device that becomes an S-shaped device to fit into the ear.

The Orb has a flexible OLED that will display the caller information, calendar items, and voice-to-text information. So the next time you receive a ring, you can look at your ring.

You may notice that the opened up headset is hanging securely from the ear, but none of it is in the ear. Yeah, you don’t have to mess around with it too much, as the Orb uses bone conduction technology. Some of you have not seen bone conduction before, but it is a way of transmitting sound directly into the brain through touch.

It’s a pretty simple concept, isn’t it? The best part is the Orb is not a concept, but a device that is planned for release in 2010 for about $129. The Deluxe edition is about $175.

Source: Dvice

Jul 21, 2009

Robot riding bike - Amazing

Flossie may sound like the name of a dental hygiene bot, but it’s actually the Castrol-developed test rider you see above straddling that cycle. The robot has a self-learning mode that lets it to get a feel (throttle response, clutch drag, gear shifting patterns, etc.) for any stationary bike upon which it’s perched.

That’s right, he “rides” while stationary. We wonder how long it will be before he actually takes one of these bad boys on the road, joining up with Murata Boy. Flossie lets Castrol evaluate its lubricants as effectively as possible.

Source: Engadget

Jul 20, 2009

A phone for smokers - Not for me

Although I fully admit to chuckling quite a bit after first seeing this cellphone with a built-in cigarette lighter, I can see some practicality with it. After all, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard of my smoking friends losing their lighter. I’ve been asked numerous times if I happen to have a lighter on me, despite that they’re fully aware I don’t smoke. Having a lighter built into your cellphone would come in incredibly handy. After all, your phone is almost always somewhere within reach.

I know, smoking is a nasty habit, but smokers catch enough grief as it is. It only seems fair that they get the occasional high tech item to make their lives easier.

Gold cigarette lighter
Mp3 and Mp4
Bluetooth transmissin
Fm radio
Dual sim dual standby
Support 900/1800/850/1900 GSM
Dual SIM card
1.3mega pixel camera
Support multiple language

Source: Gearfuse

Jul 16, 2009

This Keyboard is really sponsored - Funny

Everything these days is sponsored by some major corporation. Advertising dominates the landscape and is virtually unavoidable.

Marketing is so pervasive in our world that image and branding has taken a stanglehold of our lives, and here we are with the Brand Everything keyboard where individual keys on the keyboard do not come with just the letter itself, it has been replaced with logos of some of the biggest and most famous companies - for example,

Google represents ‘G’ while HP is the ambassador for the letter ‘H’. Kudos to Ignacio Pilotto for concocting such an idea - it would be interesting to see which company/brandname will actually sell something like this. Hey, it sound so crazy, it might actually work!

Source: geeky-gadgets

Jul 13, 2009

A Mario Tribute to Nikola Tesla

Friday marks the 153rd birthday of one of the greatest geeks and most amazing minds of all time: Nikola Tesla. This genius is almost certainly why you have electricity in your house. What's more, most of the gear you own is powered by parts that use his ideas. We owe this man the modern age.

So what better way to celebrate his birthday--and thank the man--than to share a video of two Tesla coils playing the Super Mario Bros. theme song?

Jul 11, 2009

Air Horn that can be refilled - Annoying Gadget


This is one of those inventions most of the world really would probably wish it was never created. To be more specific everyone around the person that owns one of these will really really wish that it would just break. It can be reused time and time again, you’ll never need a refill for it like you would a normal air horn. Which means misery for all those around the person that owns it, up until they wise up and “accidentally” smash it.

The horn blares just as loud as all air horns. In order to keep it going you refill it with the included pump or any bicycle pump or service station air pump. Each time you recharge it or fill it up using a pump it will get you 70 excessively loud blasts. The fun will just keep on coming. Not only is it meant for sports fans or those that just enjoy annoying others but for boaters as well. You can purchase the Eco blaster Rechargeable Air Horn for $29.98 from Things You Never Knew Existed.

Source: CraziestGadget

Jul 9, 2009

Bikecar - The most weird vehicle


This bizarre Bike-Car is Italian and totally mad. Clearly the guy who thought it up couldn’t make up his mind whether he wanted to scoot around on a motorbike or travel in car upholstered comfort and decided to build the best of both worlds.

What we’d love to see is a detachable version of this, so you could press a button and zoom off through a traffic jam leaving the fat car carcass marooned in the fast lane. Anyone know more?


Jul 8, 2009

Jellyfish Aquarium - But it doesn't Mess your tank

Multicolor USB Jellyfish Aquarium

Here’s a new version of those popular jellyfish aquariums.

Here’s a new version of those popular jellyfish aquariums. This latest “moody light” model is equipped with multicolor LED lights that lets you circle though five soft lights.

Watching the lifelike Jellyfishes swimming, let your stress fading away and gives you sensation of relaxation.

It is so simple in the operation! Just add water into the tank, connect the USB cable to the USB port. A small motor generates a current in the water, encouraging the jellyfish to swim gently and freely.

The jellyfishes won’t starve or make a mess, they just swim and sleep whenever you want.


* USB-powered desktop aquarium
* Swimming jellyfish and life-like motion
* 5 bright LEDs – cycle through colors or select your favorite one
* On/Off Switch
* Plug and play
* No batteries required
* Dimension: 175 x 122 x 255mm (approx.)
* Weight: 750g

The USB Jellyfish Mini Aquarium with Moody Light is yours for $49 from USB Brando.

Jul 7, 2009

Rubik’s 360 - Another Puzzle but not a cube

Rubik’s cube took the world by storm a few decades back. The man behind the cube is now ready to let another creation loose upon the world in the form of the spherical 360.

Rubik’s 360 is not an Xbox 360 title. It’s the next version of the popular cube puzzle that is a sphere. The device is about to be officially unveiled in Germany on Feb 2009 at the national toy show.

Rubik's Cube 360 goes on sale next week

It’s a see-through sphere with domes on the outside. Within the main structure, there are two more spheres, with balls in the center. The colors of the balls match the little domes. You can already see how this thing will drive you nuts.

The object is to get the balls through openings, to the domes. I’m sure many hours will be wasted on this one.

Daily Telegraph

Domestic Hen lays biggest egg

An ordinary hen laid an extraordinary egg in China this week, and her owner Zhang Yinde says that it’s one for the record books.

The egg is, at 201 grams, 25 grams heavier than the previous record holder. The egg is 6.3 centimeters wide and 9.2 centimeters long. Its shell is slightly misshapen and rougher than a typical egg one third its size.

“The heroine hen is a super mother. She laid three other big eggs previously and once laid four eggs within one day,” Zhang, an employee of the Forestry Bureau of Suiling County, Suihua City of Heilongjiang, said. “She loves to walk around my dog’s kennel. I guess she’s been stealing the dog’s food.”

Zhang got the chicken as a bonus with ten others. He is keeping the egg in his refrigerator until it is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Source: Chinadaily

A clock that erases your schedule

The Trace of Time clock is a fun concept design by Il-Gu Cha.

The clock is of an interesting design, made of stainless steel with a glass face. What makes it unique is that the user can write on it with a marker. You would think that you can also do it on a normal clock...but you would have to erase it yourself. In this case, the Trace of Time clock has a hand with an integrated eraser that will wipe away the appointment after it is over.

This is a 24-hour clock with one hand. I would imagine if you started your day filling out your appointments, you could watch all of them slowly vanish as you go throughout the day. Make sure you dont miss or forget any appointments as it erases as the time passes.

Source: Makezine