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Jul 8, 2009

Jellyfish Aquarium - But it doesn't Mess your tank

Multicolor USB Jellyfish Aquarium

Here’s a new version of those popular jellyfish aquariums.

Here’s a new version of those popular jellyfish aquariums. This latest “moody light” model is equipped with multicolor LED lights that lets you circle though five soft lights.

Watching the lifelike Jellyfishes swimming, let your stress fading away and gives you sensation of relaxation.

It is so simple in the operation! Just add water into the tank, connect the USB cable to the USB port. A small motor generates a current in the water, encouraging the jellyfish to swim gently and freely.

The jellyfishes won’t starve or make a mess, they just swim and sleep whenever you want.


* USB-powered desktop aquarium
* Swimming jellyfish and life-like motion
* 5 bright LEDs – cycle through colors or select your favorite one
* On/Off Switch
* Plug and play
* No batteries required
* Dimension: 175 x 122 x 255mm (approx.)
* Weight: 750g

The USB Jellyfish Mini Aquarium with Moody Light is yours for $49 from USB Brando.