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Dec 31, 2008

HAPPY NEW YEAR - Welcome 2oo9


Dec 23, 2008

Self Powered MP3 Player - Wind-up

Everyone likes those gadgets that doesn't need to charged up or any batteries to make it work. One such gadget is this wind up MP3 Player. It doesn't use any external chargers or batteries.

Everyone find this as a not so attractive MP3 player. It’s bulky and awkward due to the wind-up handle.There’s absolutely nothing eye catching about it and if I saw it lying out I’d never realize it were an MP3 player. However, looks aside, the MP3 player quite obviously has one serious perk, it’s very earth friendly.

To charge up the MP3 player you’ll have to wind it up and no batteries are required. One minute of you cranking it equals out to fifteen to twenty minutes of music. You could also utilize that charge to work the built-in flashlight or even use the mobile phone charger that’s also built into the little device. The MP3 player has 1GB of internal memory.You can pick up the MP3 player for £39.10 or about $58.

Source: ChipChick

Dec 21, 2008

Alarm clock in the form of pillow vibrates

The vibrating alarm clock pillow is a gentle means by which to be awoken in the morning. Why get startled by the buzzer of a traditional alarm clock when you can wake up to a soothing vibration. Not only will it save your nerves, it will also allow your partner to sleep undisturbed.

It is currently being marketed in Japan, does away with sound. Instead, this pillow is meant to be the primary pillow that a person uses while sleeping. When the time comes to wake up, the pillow simply vibrates at the appointed time, thus waking you up in a more gentle manner.

Source: Kaden Watch impress

New Addition to the USB Gadgets- USB Stove

I know technology has made us lazy but this is way too much.
One of the most obnoxious things is when you finally decide to take a break from work to make a cup of coffee or tea. Then after you’ve brought back the steaming cup, you get wrapped up in work again and inevitably it gets cold. You don’t want to get back up to heat it, either because you’re busy or are just too lazy. Which is when a cup warmer comes in very handy. This isn’t the first cup warmer to be sold, but this one offers a retro design. That at least gives it a little more edge above the competition.

It sadly doesn’t have any built-in extras, like a clock or a USB hub. However, it’s a neat design and it’s affordable, so it’s probably worth checking out. It’s made to look like a gas stove and even has LED lights to make it seem like there is a flame. The warmer comes in either orange or blue and is of course, powered by USB and not gas. You can purchase it on Gadget4all for $15.

Source: GeekAlerts

Philips Prestigo universal remote - Take Control

Philips Prestigo SRT9320 universal remote control is nothing short of beautiful. At the top end is a 2.8-inch color touchscreen with all your channels, logos and all. On the bottom end is a variety of hard keys that control every function. The SRT9320 is fully programmable without connecting to a PC--it comes with a USB connect for firmware updates--though CNET reports its much easier to use the PC for "multidevice macros". The Prestigo can control up to 20 different devices so I can see how a computer connection might simplify things here. Available in the first quarter of 2009, Philips Prestigo SRT9320 will set you back $249.

Source: Crave

RC car that can climb wall - Believe it

Remote controlled cars might’ve been fun when we were kids, but nowadays it takes a lot to impress someone. It has to fly or hover or have some new type of technology that allows it to go faster.

The Anti-Grav R/C Wall Racing Car doesn’t fly, and - surprisingly - that makes it even more interesting. What it does is race up walls.

No special effects or camera tricks, just physics: the car generates a powerful vacuum underneath causing it to cling to any flat surface. Up up and away!

If you still find it hard to believe, check out the video, it’s impressive:

Dec 16, 2008

Smoke everywhere for a healthy you

You know the feeling as the year draws to a close and you enter into another pensive mood swing, thinking of all the broken New Year resolutions.

Girding yourself, you figure out since New Year’s just a couple more weeks or so away, why not roll forward those resolutions? Apart from trying to kick the habit of the bottle, another major habit that people want to rid themselves of would be smoking. There are plenty of anti-smoking aids in the market to help those who find it difficult to take the cold turkey route, but not all of them are effective. Just like how different strokes work for different folks, so the same applies to equipment that help you quit smoking. Electronic cigarettes are part of the regime, and we’ll take a look at what Smoking Everywhere has to offer right after the jump.

Smoking Everywhere offers its electronic cigarette that looks like just the real thing, except that it does not come with any tobacco or tar - not even a single milligram to assault your sensitive lung tissues. Instead, you will find a small chamber within that combines a potent and satisfying dose of nicotine with a harmless liquid. This mixture will be heated by a battery-powered element, turning it into what looks like smoke sans fire, ash and odour. It would be quite a challenge convincing the authorities at public places that you really aren’t smoking a real cigarette - I wonder whether anti-smoking laws do include electronic cigarettes?

Not only do these make the perfect gift for yourself if you want to live a healthier life, they also make for a great present for others with the same aspirations as you. You will be able to pick up these revolutionary electronic cigarettes in the USA via Smoking Everywhere.

Source: Prweb

Dec 15, 2008

NFS Series may end soon

It seems like its a dead end for the NEED FOR SPEED SERIES.

AS Electric Playground has reported that Electronic Arts has cancelled development of future titles of Need for Speed series. In response, EA spokesperson gave a generic response of not commenting on market rumors.

The comment received on this news was "We're working through a process on people, products, and facilities at EA and don't have any announcements today."

Electronics Arts has also reportedly shelved its plans of opening a new game development studio at Vancouver due to poor holiday sales and global economic recession.

The company recently scaled down their revenue and earning expectations for the fiscal year 2009.

EA's latest NFS installment - Need for Speed UnderCover - has received mixed and mostly cold response from the gamer community and audience. It won't be surprising if EA adopts Rockstar Games' strategy and introduce their titles at more affordable rates. Actually, that might just work in terms of sales.

EA is yet to come out with an official statement on Vancouver Studio franchisee lay-off.

Source: Elecplay

RC Tank - Definitely not the usual one

At first I thought it was another R/C beer can transporter (which it can be in land mode) but when the tank hits the water the wheels fold up into the can holders, cool! Oh and it also shoots BB bullets.

Transforming from powerful, road-going tank to impressive ocean-going assault boat in the merest blink, this cunning device takes 4WD R/C (that’s 4-wheel-drive remote control) to a new level, loosing-off whole squadrons of BB bullets at your command.

Sturdy and imposing on land, with full 4-wheel drive capability to tackle the most arduous of, err, rockeries, this changeling of a device is equally at home in the briny. On activating the transformation device deep in the heart of the unit, powerful twin propellers take over from wheels, providing rock-solid forward motion in the water.

Source: GadgetShop

Dec 12, 2008

XboX Live will be live this Holiday

It looks like Microsoft doesn't want a repeat of last year's post-holiday Xbox Live outages, when the service was basically unusable for two weeks -- according to 360 product manager Aaron Greenberg, MS is "well prepared for the type of growth we expect this holiday," and that more Live staffers than ever before will be on hand to fix things if things do go bonkers. From what we've heard Live is more robust than ever now that the NXE and the associated backend changes have been rolled out, so we're hoping things go well -- but we wouldn't necessarily say no to another free Arcade game.

Source: XBOX360fanboy

WII top the November sales

The family-friendly Japanese game-maker managed to sell an astonishing 2.04 million Wii units in November, up from 981,000 last year.

Experts predicted that the Wii would sell around 1.4 million, a hugely respectable number in its own right, but over 2 million counts as remarkable. Remarkable enough to even beat the formerly chart-dominating Nintendo DS, which itself still sold 1.57 million units.November was kind to nearly everyone, pulling industry revenue up 10 points over last year for a performance NPD's Anita Frazier calls "blistering." NPD's been tenacious about $22 billion as the magic overall record-breaking number for 2008, and November's data falls right in line with that figure.The "recession proof" industry? And then some."One reason for the continued strength of the industry compared to other forms of entertainment comes from a number of sources," said Frazier. "Certainly, the expanded audience for gaming due to the availability of a wider variety of compelling content is a strong contributor.


2.04m - Wii

1.57m - Nintendo DS

836k - Xbox 360

421k - PSP

378k - PlayStation 3

206k - PlayStation 2

Nintendo finally got the lead out and fixed its supply issues, or if you're slightly more cynical, decided the dollar was worth enough to open the stateside floodgates this holiday season. That the Wii beat the DS in unit sales is almost equally flooring.

Dec 8, 2008

Facebook under koobface attack

Researchers say that the 'Koobface' worm - which has been circulating through the popular social networking service, Facebook - is still on the loose, despite Facebook's efforts of cleaning up the mess.

Craig Schmugar, a threat researcher at McAfee Inc, was one of the first security researchers to notice Koobface's spread on Wednesday, and notify Facebook. This attack on the world's most popular social networking site, and its 120 million users, came within weeks of Facebook winning an $873 million lawsuit against people accused of hacking user accounts and spreading spam.

Schmugar said Koobface is a variant of one that hit MySpace, last August. Though the earlier version targeted both MySpace and Facebook, the new one has focused only on the latter. There are more than two dozen variants of the worm in circulation.

Koobface generates spammed links that lead to various compromised host sites, which appear to serve a video. The user receives a fake error message, saying that the version of Adobe Flash installed on his or her computer is out of date, thereby prompting the download of an update.

The update is malicious software that can easily by changed by those behind the attacks to exploit any of a variety of security vulnerabilities. At the moment, it installs a proxy server called tinyproxy. exe and a service called Security Accounts Manager that loads the proxy server at startup. According to Schmugar, the server listens on TCP port 9090 and scans all HTTP traffic to intercept search results for the purpose of ad hijacking and click fraud.

Acknowledging the worm's attack, Facebook has posted a short message on its security page. The instructions urge users, whose accounts had already been compromised, to remove the 'Koobface' virus thus: 'give your computer an antivirus scrub-down and change your Facebook password'.

Dec 1, 2008

Coffee Mug with a message

What looks like an ordinary coffee mug actually will show us the impact of global warming.

Still many people doesn't know the consequence of a global warming and for those kind of people this mug will be perfect. Because this mug actually shows the result of global warming when you pour hot coffee or tea. As soon as you pour some hot drinks in the mug you could see the land masses around the mug disappear in a jiffy,

Which refers to that Oceans start to spread across the coastlines as ice caps melt and water levels rise. This mug was designed to make people aware of the global warming. It really is the ideal cautionary gift for eco-unfriendly tea/coffee drinkers everywhere

Source: Firebox