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Dec 23, 2008

Self Powered MP3 Player - Wind-up

Everyone likes those gadgets that doesn't need to charged up or any batteries to make it work. One such gadget is this wind up MP3 Player. It doesn't use any external chargers or batteries.

Everyone find this as a not so attractive MP3 player. It’s bulky and awkward due to the wind-up handle.There’s absolutely nothing eye catching about it and if I saw it lying out I’d never realize it were an MP3 player. However, looks aside, the MP3 player quite obviously has one serious perk, it’s very earth friendly.

To charge up the MP3 player you’ll have to wind it up and no batteries are required. One minute of you cranking it equals out to fifteen to twenty minutes of music. You could also utilize that charge to work the built-in flashlight or even use the mobile phone charger that’s also built into the little device. The MP3 player has 1GB of internal memory.You can pick up the MP3 player for £39.10 or about $58.

Source: ChipChick