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Dec 12, 2008

WII top the November sales

The family-friendly Japanese game-maker managed to sell an astonishing 2.04 million Wii units in November, up from 981,000 last year.

Experts predicted that the Wii would sell around 1.4 million, a hugely respectable number in its own right, but over 2 million counts as remarkable. Remarkable enough to even beat the formerly chart-dominating Nintendo DS, which itself still sold 1.57 million units.November was kind to nearly everyone, pulling industry revenue up 10 points over last year for a performance NPD's Anita Frazier calls "blistering." NPD's been tenacious about $22 billion as the magic overall record-breaking number for 2008, and November's data falls right in line with that figure.The "recession proof" industry? And then some."One reason for the continued strength of the industry compared to other forms of entertainment comes from a number of sources," said Frazier. "Certainly, the expanded audience for gaming due to the availability of a wider variety of compelling content is a strong contributor.


2.04m - Wii

1.57m - Nintendo DS

836k - Xbox 360

421k - PSP

378k - PlayStation 3

206k - PlayStation 2

Nintendo finally got the lead out and fixed its supply issues, or if you're slightly more cynical, decided the dollar was worth enough to open the stateside floodgates this holiday season. That the Wii beat the DS in unit sales is almost equally flooring.