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Dec 21, 2008

New Addition to the USB Gadgets- USB Stove

I know technology has made us lazy but this is way too much.
One of the most obnoxious things is when you finally decide to take a break from work to make a cup of coffee or tea. Then after you’ve brought back the steaming cup, you get wrapped up in work again and inevitably it gets cold. You don’t want to get back up to heat it, either because you’re busy or are just too lazy. Which is when a cup warmer comes in very handy. This isn’t the first cup warmer to be sold, but this one offers a retro design. That at least gives it a little more edge above the competition.

It sadly doesn’t have any built-in extras, like a clock or a USB hub. However, it’s a neat design and it’s affordable, so it’s probably worth checking out. It’s made to look like a gas stove and even has LED lights to make it seem like there is a flame. The warmer comes in either orange or blue and is of course, powered by USB and not gas. You can purchase it on Gadget4all for $15.

Source: GeekAlerts