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Feb 21, 2008

Adopt a Virtual KID - Nintendo DS


Nintendo DS’ Dog Simulator game was a big hit and still is one of their top sellers; maybe this is the reason why Nintendo thinks that Baby Simulator is a good idea for selling games.

Yea, you heard it right; Nintendo recently announced two ‘My Baby’ games for the DS, one for each sex. This certainly is a bad idea I mean, a virtual baby, wow (talk about confused emotions!).

This game is targeted at kids of ages above 3 (holy smoke) which I don’t think is a good idea after all. I mean this is where it starts sounding silly, owning a virtual baby, what the heck?

There’s another aspect of this too and that is ‘would be parents’ taking lessons from the simulator, which sounds a bit better. If you think that the second idea clicks then you’ll have to wait till June ’08. Till then go and play with some real sweet babies.

Source: DigitalBattle

Microsoft drops XBOX 360's Price

In order to sell more gaming units, Microsoft decided to cut the price of their finest product, also known as Xbox 360. But there is one strange detail, this cut is only going to happen in one country - Canada.

Can it be only Canada because there aren’t many Xbox’s being sold there? Are they trying to make a point with this? Or is there any other reason? I really don’t know, but according to David Dennis from Microsoft - each market makes its own decision on the matter.

About the new prices: the Elite model (most expensive one) went from C$499 to C$449; the medium Xbox 360 version now costs C$349, it used to be C$399; and lastly, the basic model saw its price being cut by C$20, in other words, in the past it cost C$299 and now costs C$279.

Feb 19, 2008

Mini Guitar Hero - Must See

Guitar Hero goes Mini

I guess if you wait around long enough, all technology shrinks. Even things that probably shouldn’t be shrunk get shrank.

Take Guitar Hero, for example. I’ve recently purchased this game for the Wii and it has quickly become my newest addiction. There is something about strumming and hitting those frets while those streaming spots go by that make me feel like a legit rock star.

A company known as Basic Fun has created a portable version of this fun with the Guitar Hero Caribiner, a Guitar Hero that fits in your pocket. It is only 3 x 7.5 inches in measurement, and the chord buttons or “frets” are not located on the neck of this contraption, but the body itself.

Beyond that, the gameplay is the same the regular version as the LCD screen displays the notes the player needs to play. There is even a miniature version of the whammy bar, and some of the more popular songs from Guitar Hero I and II are included.

Still, I’m not certain whether this tiny Guitar Hero really captures the console or PC version of the game. However, it is something that you can do while waiting on a bus or subway.

The Guitar Hero Caribiner is scheduled to be released at major retail outlets in March for a price of about $14.99.

Source : Technabob

Frontlines: Fuel of War will let 50 Players compete Online

Even though the new action game from Kaos Studios got a lukewarm response from gamers, the company is making attempts to redeem its investment in the new game by offering to support 50 players on its online multiplayer. The Xbox Live Multiplayer demo supports 32 players at the moment and though developers claim to have reached 73 players during testing, they say they were ‘taking baby steps’ to avoid goof ups. Well, I guess this new revelation makes a compelling point to try out the full title when the Frontlines: Fuel of War hits Xbox 360 and PC on the 25th of this month.

Source: Ripten

Feb 14, 2008

Bats first flew then developed the SONAR

Bats learned to fly before they developed their internal "sonar" to navigate and catch insects, the most primitive bat fossil ever found shows.

"This new bat [fossil] is clearly a flying animal, but it lacks the features in the skull that we'd expect to see in an echolocating bat," said Nancy Simmons, chair of Vertebrate Zoology at the American Museum of Natural History in New York and co-author of a new study on the fossil.

Echolocation is the radar-like ability of some animals to emit high-pitched sounds, then detect obstacles or prey by listening to the sounds bounce back.


Feb 13, 2008

Bioshock suprises the mobile users


Good news for mobile phone gaming buffs as IG Fun LLC is developing a mobile version of BioShock. The game was earlier available in windows and specifically for Xbox 360 gaming console versions.
The game shoot up to fame with critics nominating it as the 13th best video game and winning some awards for the year 2007, owing mostly to its moral and philosophical ideology. The all-pervasive protagonist is a shooter, who finds himself exploring the dystopian underwater city of Rapture. Keeping in mind the most eye-capturing points of BioShock was its visual effects and great soundtrack.

The fun of PC games, somehow, gets messed up while trying to fit in the small sized screens of mobile phones. Though certain games look good enough in the new high-end mobile phones, the case with highly compact visual effects of Bioshock would look different in a mobile version. What IG Fun has in mind regarding this particular game is still under the clouds. They might either build a new chapter especially to fit in the small screens or modify the original game to make it suitable enough for the cell phones. However, retaining its charm will not simply be possible and by just keeping the similar universe the game might exactly be different from the original version.

Release date of SPORE announced

The official Spore website has a new teaser trailer that announces that Sept. 7, 2008 will be the new release date for the Will Wright developed game. The release date for the game, published by Electronic Arts, will be about 3 1/2 years since the game was first announced in March 2005. Spore’s press release claims that Spore will appear on the PC, Mac, DS and mobile phone platforms.

Maxis Executive Producer Lucy Bradshaw was noted as saying that their decision on setting a launch date was tied in to the desire to have a worldwide launch along with some of the key elements that the company will be releasing. The creators of the game were taking great pains and investing a lot of effort and time into creating a product with high quality, suiting the audience’s needs. Leading to the upcoming release of the game, comes a great deal of time being spent on the technology phase. Next came the design stage that put together a complete experience of gaming. Months leading up to the release in September, the team is now into the final tuning, tweaking, polishing stage in order to ensure a solid product.

All said, one thing is for sure. We now have a launch date of September 7 to look forward to, and I for one, am excited.

Via Kotaku

Feb 12, 2008

Fan Made New PSP Design - CoooooL

This is a fan made design.

The awesome unit looks very much like the sleek iPhone when it’s closed and a sexy slide reveals the gorgeous D-Pad along with two analog nubs, and face buttons. The cute PlayStation button is also a major eye catcher on the slim case. Now this is what I call a true tribute. Good job, PSP fan dude!

Source: PSP Fanboy

Feb 9, 2008

Now there is a wiimote for PS3, PC and xbox 360


The Nintendo Wii became a big hit, primarily due to its innovative Wiimote control scheme, we all knew that the other console makers were probably asking themselves the same thing: Why didn't we think of that?

Now, Motus Corporation has created their own version of the Wiimote control, dubbed The Darwin, and they're preparing to release it towards the end of the year for use with the Xbox 360, the PS3, and the PC. According to Motus, the Darwin will offer better control than the Wiimote because of a more advanced application of accelerometers and added gyroscope navigation.

In the demo video on their website, it appears that you can use the Darwin for games such as Lego Star Wars in the same way as the Wiimote, though the width of the device is noticeably thicker and could pose problems for younger users or older ladies.

One of the things about the Darwin controller that the Wii currently does not have is that it locks together to create one large controller, which you can then open up for some good two-player action. Motus began as a sports tech company that helped poor golfers improve their terrible swings through controllers that used orientation cues. As a result, the company might be especially prepared to handle cursor applications for complicated video games. We’ll wait and see.

The price for the Darwin is expected to reach close to $100. The Wiimote currently sells for $40.

Feb 8, 2008

Coca Cola Mini CD audio System


What looks like a like a trio of Coke bottle boxes from the outside is actually a Coke Mini System CD Player that comes with the following features :-

  • 0.9″ LED alarm clock display
  • Alarm clock with wake-up-to buzzer/radio
  • Power on/off/auto switch able
  • CD/AM/FM band switch
  • Tuning control, Volume control, Snooze button
  • Alarm set/Time set/Hour set/Minute set/Sleep set button (back)
  • 16 CD programmable memory
  • Play-Pause/Stop/Skip up/Skipdown/Repeat/Program button
  • 6.5′ line cord with Polarized plug
  • 4 inches, 8 ohm speaker x 2 (slot type speaker holes)
  • Speaker cords, 6.5′ each, one end attached & the other clip type
  • Back-up battery for clock: DC 9V (battery not included)
  • Max. output power: 1.2W x 2
  • Power source: AC 120V, 60 Hz

I guess there’s nothing quite like gulping down a refreshing bottle of Coke while grooving to your favorite tunes on a sweltering summer afternoon with this $179.95 audio system.

Product Page via Nerd Approved

PSP owners get a grip while gaming

Everyday new accessories are added to the gaming consoles. Now you have a pair of hand gloves to prevent muscle cramps while playing with the portable PSP. The Flexible Hand Grip Advance Pad is meant for PSP gamers to tighten their grip on the device. May be it will not improve your gaming efficiency but nonetheless it is meant for people with enormous hands who have difficulties in holding the PlayStation controller. The handgrip pad can be bought online from Vis-a-Vis for $9.20.

Source: Daily Picture

Feb 5, 2008

Perfect Gift for George Lucas - MAXABLASTER


George Lucas’ birthday is May 14, and I found him the perfect gift in advance. As you can see, the Maxablaster isn’t your ordinary flashlight, and appears to be plucked right out of the Star Wars Universe.

The Maxablaster is a homemade flashlight by Ducth engineer Ralf Ottow that produces 38-million candle power. You can use that to create a lightsaber so powerful that Jedi Master Yoda looks like a wimp. I can just see him: “Mmm, size matters not, no more will I say”.

A light from the Maxablaster can illuminate a cloud four miles up in the sky, but I’m not certain why I would want to do that. This light is so bright that it can literally melt skin. That will definitely make the face-melting scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark a lot easier for the next Indiana Jones picture. Maybe this is why UV-filtering glass was added to filter these near-radioactive rays. Still, that might be good enough to roast Howard the Duck.

Now all I need is a box to put it in. It had better not accidentally turn on, or it will burn the wrapping. I should definitely not install the batteries. By the way, I would need 54 batteries if George wants to use the Maxablaster out-of-the-box.

Source : popsci

Hydrocar Toy - The Cool Toy

Horizon Hydrocar (Image courtesy Planet Happy Toys)

Nothing can destroy the excitement of buying a new toy like getting home and finding no fresh batteries in the house. But that’s not a problem if the new toy happens to be the Hydrocar, which is yet another attempt to educate kids about alternative fuels.

On the back of the Hyrdrocar you’ll find a couple of clear tanks that you simply fill with water. A “next generation” reversible Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (or PEM) fuel cell then breaks the water down into oxygen and hydrogen which is used to power the car. The clear tanks on the back actually allow you to see the oxygen and hydrogen being formed, but they’re sealed shut preventing you from having any real fun with the hydrogen gas. Unfortunately the car doesn’t do much besides drive forward, but it will steer around objects once it’s bumped into them, and there’s a set of flashing blue LED lights inside the cockpit.

It’s available from Planet Happy Toys for $84.95.

Feb 1, 2008

Vijay TV's Kadhilikka Neramillai - Good Quality Title Song