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Feb 9, 2008

Now there is a wiimote for PS3, PC and xbox 360


The Nintendo Wii became a big hit, primarily due to its innovative Wiimote control scheme, we all knew that the other console makers were probably asking themselves the same thing: Why didn't we think of that?

Now, Motus Corporation has created their own version of the Wiimote control, dubbed The Darwin, and they're preparing to release it towards the end of the year for use with the Xbox 360, the PS3, and the PC. According to Motus, the Darwin will offer better control than the Wiimote because of a more advanced application of accelerometers and added gyroscope navigation.

In the demo video on their website, it appears that you can use the Darwin for games such as Lego Star Wars in the same way as the Wiimote, though the width of the device is noticeably thicker and could pose problems for younger users or older ladies.

One of the things about the Darwin controller that the Wii currently does not have is that it locks together to create one large controller, which you can then open up for some good two-player action. Motus began as a sports tech company that helped poor golfers improve their terrible swings through controllers that used orientation cues. As a result, the company might be especially prepared to handle cursor applications for complicated video games. We’ll wait and see.

The price for the Darwin is expected to reach close to $100. The Wiimote currently sells for $40.


Both MS and Sony have thought of it before Nintendo.

MS had a motion sensing PC controller.
Sony had both eyetoy, and originally planned a motion sensing attachment for PSP.

Replacing button mashing with wand waving is not innovation, it's novelty.