Nintendo DS’ Dog Simulator game was a big hit and still is one of their top sellers; maybe this is the reason why Nintendo thinks that Baby Simulator is a good idea for selling games.

Yea, you heard it right; Nintendo recently announced two ‘My Baby’ games for the DS, one for each sex. This certainly is a bad idea I mean, a virtual baby, wow (talk about confused emotions!).

This game is targeted at kids of ages above 3 (holy smoke) which I don’t think is a good idea after all. I mean this is where it starts sounding silly, owning a virtual baby, what the heck?

There’s another aspect of this too and that is ‘would be parents’ taking lessons from the simulator, which sounds a bit better. If you think that the second idea clicks then you’ll have to wait till June ’08. Till then go and play with some real sweet babies.

Source: DigitalBattle