Good news for mobile phone gaming buffs as IG Fun LLC is developing a mobile version of BioShock. The game was earlier available in windows and specifically for Xbox 360 gaming console versions.
The game shoot up to fame with critics nominating it as the 13th best video game and winning some awards for the year 2007, owing mostly to its moral and philosophical ideology. The all-pervasive protagonist is a shooter, who finds himself exploring the dystopian underwater city of Rapture. Keeping in mind the most eye-capturing points of BioShock was its visual effects and great soundtrack.

The fun of PC games, somehow, gets messed up while trying to fit in the small sized screens of mobile phones. Though certain games look good enough in the new high-end mobile phones, the case with highly compact visual effects of Bioshock would look different in a mobile version. What IG Fun has in mind regarding this particular game is still under the clouds. They might either build a new chapter especially to fit in the small screens or modify the original game to make it suitable enough for the cell phones. However, retaining its charm will not simply be possible and by just keeping the similar universe the game might exactly be different from the original version.

Anyway, gamers should be excited about this one and hope that it will not lose much. The mobile version can mostly never play a significant role in diverting the traffic of PC game players or video console gaming. The game has already earned a lot of acclaim in its category and now is the time to share some with mobile phone manufacturers.

Source: Blog.wired