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Feb 13, 2008

Release date of SPORE announced

The official Spore website has a new teaser trailer that announces that Sept. 7, 2008 will be the new release date for the Will Wright developed game. The release date for the game, published by Electronic Arts, will be about 3 1/2 years since the game was first announced in March 2005. Spore’s press release claims that Spore will appear on the PC, Mac, DS and mobile phone platforms.

Maxis Executive Producer Lucy Bradshaw was noted as saying that their decision on setting a launch date was tied in to the desire to have a worldwide launch along with some of the key elements that the company will be releasing. The creators of the game were taking great pains and investing a lot of effort and time into creating a product with high quality, suiting the audience’s needs. Leading to the upcoming release of the game, comes a great deal of time being spent on the technology phase. Next came the design stage that put together a complete experience of gaming. Months leading up to the release in September, the team is now into the final tuning, tweaking, polishing stage in order to ensure a solid product.

All said, one thing is for sure. We now have a launch date of September 7 to look forward to, and I for one, am excited.

Via Kotaku