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Sep 10, 2007

Baby With Elvis like Hair

Every parent hopes their baby will attract admiring glances. But adorable as she is, Katie-Lee Webster receives attention for only one reason - her spectacular shock of ginger hair. At only ten weeks old she already has the flowing locks of a child several times her age.
Red alert: Katie-Lee needs her ginger hair cut after just 10 weeks

Russ Abbot as CU Jimmy

Her mother, Stephanie Pleasance, said: "Most people when they see a baby say 'Isn't she cute?'. When people see her, they say "Look at her hair!'."

Katie-Lee's father, Danny Webster, added: "No one we've met has ever seen anything like it - we're forever being stopped in the street and asked, 'Is that a wig?'."

Indeed, some observers could draw comparisons with Russ Abbot's screen character C U Jimmy, whose ginger toupee is as outrageous as his behaviour.

Katie-Lee's hair is, of course, natural. Her father, a print worker, is a redhead so there is no mystery as to where she gets it from.

He and Katie-Lee's mother, of Ashton-under-Lyne, Greater Manchester, were born almost completely bald, but their first child has had her extraordinary head of hair since day one.

It's now more than 3in long.
Having such a head start can lead to problems.

Shocked: Parents Steph Pleasance and Danny Webster with their ten-week-old daughter Katie-Lee Webster

Earlier this year Eden Lurie's hair was deemed too long and spiky when the four-month-old went to have her passport photo taken in Manchester.

Staff had to give her a virtual haircut on a computer so she did not fall foul of guidelines.

Jamie Hetherington from Northumberland caused a stir when he developed a natural Mohican look when he was four months old.
Similarly, Charlie Zecca from Gloucester boasted a Beatle-style mop before his first haircut.


please shut up you idiot harry. i hope you go bald and everyone says, 'ew, he's so fugly, go die'
she's cute :)

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