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Sep 24, 2007

Boy Swallows 100 Tadpoles to cure Rashes

Pang Pang, a 9 year-old kid from China, swallowed over 100 tadpoles in an effort to cure his rash.

“I was so scared that the tadpoles will become frogs in my stomach?”

His grandmother had overheard from neighbors that this was a good treatment for a rash. She went right out to the local pond and grabbed a bowl full of tadpoles for her grandson. She then forced the boy to swallow 20 per day for a week.

After about 4 days Pang Pang became ill and went to the doctor. Although he was treated by the doctor, the boy was still worried that he might grow frogs in his stomach.


The Chinese do use tadpoles for medical purposes but only externally and they have to be prepared in a specific way.

Poor kid will probably never listen to his grandmother again… who apparently is naive and gullible.