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Mar 28, 2008

Hovering Drones - Miami police Department

This 16lb drone, called the Honeywell MAV (Micro Air Vehicle), is a pilotless flying vehicle loaded with infra red and optical sensors.

Juan Villalba of the Miami Dade Police Department told Reuters that "Our intentions are to use it only in tactical situations as an extra set of eyes" – a kind of snake-o-scope to help SWAT teams see around corners.

We doubt it. The drone is set to go live in the Everglades, which makes us think that these things will be buzzing around searching for drug smugglers and other ne'er-do-wells.
Source : Reuters



The first pictures from the G.I. Joe movie (coming out next year) were just released and they give us the first small glimpse into the design of the characters. From the looks of Snake Eyes above, the filmmakers are going for a Batman Begins, realistic gritty-cool look, rather than a Batman Forever trip-candy cartoon crap look.

And if you mention that this isn't technically a gadget, then you didn't blow up your G.I. Joe toys when you were a kid, or used them as eating utensils, or played with them as table tennis pads, or pretended to speak to them while your parents weren't paying attention. Because that's what every kid I knew did back in the day.


Mar 27, 2008

GPS in the form of USB Dongle

The GT-730F USB GPS dongle from Canmore of Taiwan is meant for those who want a simple and hassle-free GPS solution whenever they travel with their notebook or laptop. This tiny little device that could can track up to 54 satellites simultaneously, featuring a pretty sensitive signal detection at only -159dBm. you get a fast time-to-first-fix and high sensitivity that makes it a pretty good candidate for the casual GPS user to own, as it will be able to handle urban canyons pretty well too.

Source: Navigadget

Mar 25, 2008

Metal Gear Solid on Mobile

metal gear solid mobile game

If you love Metal Gear Solid, then you have every excuse to chuck your old phone with your old service provider out the office window because Verizon Wireless now offers its customers access to the all-new Metal Gear Solid mobile game. Released exclusively for the carrier’s handsets, the latest offering from Konami Digital Entertainment has been coded by the same team responsible for the console version of the title with the storyline of the new 3D mobile title set somewhere between Metal Gear Solid 1 and 2. Players in the mobile version will be able to control the main Snake character from either the first or third-person perspective, and will be able to take a photo with their camera phone and incorporate that into Snake’s camouflage. An online leader board system will let you compare your performance with other gamers and you can get your hands on the cool mobile game through Verizon’s “Get It Now” download store on the carrier’s handsets.

Source: Phonemag

Mar 24, 2008

Fool your friend with this - APRIL FOOL SPECIAL

Phantom Keystroker

I’m a bit of a prankster at times, especially when it comes to friend’s computers. My favorite gag is to take a screenshot of their desktop, hide their icons, then replace their background with said snapshot. You’d be surprised at how long it can take some people to catch on to the ruse. Needless to say, I love this Phantom Keystroker.

This little gadget needs only to be plugged into the back of someone’s PC. After a designated amount of time, it will begin moving the cursor around and typing random text. Those with little computer knowledge will freak out and think someone is hacking their computer and stealing their identity, while tech-savvy people will believe that a friend has jokingly taken remote control of their PC. Only after everyone is crowded around their desk will they realize that it must be something else. At $24.99 it makes for a cheap laugh.

Source: Crave

Mar 15, 2008

R2D2 of Starwars is a Trashcan - MUST SEE

R2D2 Trash Can

And around $100, it may be the most expensive too! But come on, it’s R2D2, man! The only thing that would make this cooler is if it doubled as a trash compactor with swiss army knife attachments.

From Urban Outfitters:

“Remember when Luke and Leia and the gang were stuck in that trash-compactor aboard the Death Star? And the walls were closing in and there was some kind of gross muck monster down there and everything? Well, remember how R2D2 hacked into the computer system and stopped the contractor from crushing everyone, saving the day like a little robot hero? Pretty awesome, right? But you know what the moral of that story was? R2D2 knows how to handle some trash!”


It’s the perfect addition to that Star Wars themed room you have. Especially if it’s a home theater. Made of durable vinyl construction, the R2 trash can is 24-inches high, and you open R2’s head by stepping on his center “foot.” A removable interior bucket makes taking out the trash easy – although, come on, why doesn’t the “well put together” astromech droid empty himself?
But it doesn’t really need to be just for trash. This R2 unit can also become the coolest drink cooler of all time. Just fill with Ice and the drink of your choice. And if you can attach R2 to iRobot’s Developers Kit Robot, you’ll have R2 serving bar like from Return of the Jedi!

Mar 13, 2008

High-tech luau - GOD Speaker

Somewhere, on a hidden island where stereos are worshipped, the natives are dancing a fiery, ritualistic dance to the MiniGod.

Okay, that’s not really happening, but it certainly looks like it should be. I mean, look at this MiniGod thing! It looks like it should be a prop at a high-tech luau. Its style is reminiscent of the Jetsons (especially with the ring around its neck) mixed with that CG movie Robots. That is, if Robots had been a darker, scarier movie. (Actually, it could be if you stopped and thought about it. I mean, it was a world inhabited by robots, for crying out loud. What happened to the humans?)

Believe it or not, these MiniGod Speakers require only a 9 volt battery for operation, then hook up with a computer or stereo system. You can also hook up to an iPod, and then you’ll have yourself a little amplification.

These MiniGod speakers are about 15 inches tall, and are actually available in a few different models and color combinations.

If you want them, you had better come and get them, because they are only available for a limited time. You should be able to find them with a quick search on eBay, for a going rate of about $120.


Mar 11, 2008

Asus M571 USB flash drive - Also a Mouse

The Asus M571 USB flash drive might look like a standard USB flash drive at first glance, but upon closer inspection, you will realize that it is actually a USB flash drive that doubles up as a wireless mouse as well. Unfortunately, I don’t think the form factor of this mouse is easy on your hands - just take a look at the awful, thin design! It will definitely introduce RSI to you faster than expected if this is a long term navigation solution. I guess this mouse will come in handy only during emergencies when your notebook’s touchpad has lost its…well, touch. Other features include a scroll wheel and a magnetic locking mechanism that connects the transmitter for charging purposes. No idea on its capacity and pricing as at press time.

Source: TechChee

SNES games on Cowon Q5w

Fanboys of Cowon Q5W and SNES will be happy to know that someone has succeeded in running SNES emulator on Cowon Q5W. It was always possible as Q5W is based on Windows CE but finally someone took the initiative to do the unsaid. Cowon’s 5-inch screen and USB port makes it quite easy to play games. Checkout the following video to catch the glimpse of SNES emulator being run on Q5W, games played here are Donkey Kong Country and Super Mario Kart. They are being controlled by a PS1 controller that is connected to Q5W via USP adapter. I guess that if you are SNES fanboy who’ve been planning to buy a new PMP then this will surely help you to make decision. Watch the video after the jump.

NEW Nintendo DS models Announced - A new reason to buy

This April you’ll have one more reason to buy a Nintendo DS. Nintendo is planning to launch two more models for its DS system. The two new models will be designed by the famous Japanese artist, Bape Milo. The new models will feature heads of monkeys, Mario and stars from the Mario games. The models come in two colors, White and Gold. These two new models are expected to release on April 1 in Japan. Throughout 2007, the Nintendo DS and Wii have both seen strong hardware and software sales. The sales for the hand-held has estimated to have crossed over 20 million units in Europe alone last year. No doubt that with the new models, this year also looks to be promising for Nintendo’s sales.

Source: Game-Class, Ployer

Mar 5, 2008

Wireless Network Adaptor for XBOX 360

Tripping over a roomful of TV, DVD, Digital TV decoder, the home theater and Xbox 360 cords will soon become a thing of the past as the Xbox 360 now comes with a wireless adapter which connects to the console via a USB port. The whole thing takes less than five minutes to set up and less tedious an effort than having to leap around the entire place with RJ45 cables, connectors, and power strips!

Source: Blogeek

Mar 3, 2008

RC Top Gun MicroFighter - Perfect Gift for kids

The Top Gun MicroFighter makes for an interesting gift for kids, and even I myself would not mind finding one of these underneath the Christmas tree this year.

Suitable for advanced level RC Pilots due to its advanced digital throttle and directional control, the Top Gun MicroFighter is capable of performing extreme loops and real-fighter style aerobatics. With the massive levels of thrust offered by it’s twin engine design, advanced take-offs and landings can be achieved. The Micro Fighter has a dual channel digital proportion control allowing up/down, left/right and forward speed control. Powered by a Lithium-Polymer battery, flights of 10+ minutes can be achieved on a single 30 minute charge from the controller.

The Top Gun MicroFighter retails for £29.99.

Nintendo's Wiimote draws Curtain - Unofficial

Nintendo Wii is everywhere; WiiMote has revolutionized the way people think (for good?). WiiMote has turned out to be a platform they were looking for, to showcase their skills. WiiMote has been put to many uses by fans and here is another one. This guy here is using his WiiMote to control curtains of his room, impressive, eh? You can do two things now, watch this video and wonder how he did it and then click here to learn how he did it.

Source: Freshome