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Mar 11, 2008

SNES games on Cowon Q5w

Fanboys of Cowon Q5W and SNES will be happy to know that someone has succeeded in running SNES emulator on Cowon Q5W. It was always possible as Q5W is based on Windows CE but finally someone took the initiative to do the unsaid. Cowon’s 5-inch screen and USB port makes it quite easy to play games. Checkout the following video to catch the glimpse of SNES emulator being run on Q5W, games played here are Donkey Kong Country and Super Mario Kart. They are being controlled by a PS1 controller that is connected to Q5W via USP adapter. I guess that if you are SNES fanboy who’ve been planning to buy a new PMP then this will surely help you to make decision. Watch the video after the jump.

Via: Engadget