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Jul 7, 2009

Rubik’s 360 - Another Puzzle but not a cube

Rubik’s cube took the world by storm a few decades back. The man behind the cube is now ready to let another creation loose upon the world in the form of the spherical 360.

Rubik’s 360 is not an Xbox 360 title. It’s the next version of the popular cube puzzle that is a sphere. The device is about to be officially unveiled in Germany on Feb 2009 at the national toy show.

Rubik's Cube 360 goes on sale next week

It’s a see-through sphere with domes on the outside. Within the main structure, there are two more spheres, with balls in the center. The colors of the balls match the little domes. You can already see how this thing will drive you nuts.

The object is to get the balls through openings, to the domes. I’m sure many hours will be wasted on this one.

Daily Telegraph