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Mar 17, 2009

Eco-Friendly Boston Batteries for HP laptops

Popular computer manufacturer, HP has announced a new range of notebook batteries developed by Boston Power, which will be available for 18 models developed by the company and will be available with a 3-year warranty. HP is promoting these new batteries under the “Enviro” name to emphasize their environmental attributes.

Costing around $150, these new batteries are available online and as claimed by HP, will be a longer-lasting alternative to the batteries your notebooks are currently equipped with. Apart from a longer backup time, the batteries warranty period will ensure that the number of batteries discarded every year is reduced considerably. While common notebook batteries start to lose performance after 100 or 150 charges, Boston Power says that these new batteries can be charged 1,000 times and get “like new” performance.

The Only thing is that these batteries cost about $30 more than the conventional batteries your notebook was shipped with. However, for the sake of the environment and to reduce the amount of toxic waste entering the ecosystem, it’s a little price to pay.

Source: goodcleantech