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Mar 8, 2009

The End of Xbox 360 Elite

Microsoft will soon pull out Xbox 360 Elite from their line as it’s not been selling that well.

According to its reports Microsoft will stop taking new orders in the second quarter and once Elite becomes ‘elite’ to be found then it’ll play a role of limited edition package, much like currently available Resident Evil 5 package. Likewise, these packages will be themed and will come with a title and for higher price than current Xbox 360 Elite. The report also goes onto claim that these packages will only be available in North America and Europe.

Our Source told us that Microsoft is already working with its Asian partners to finalize this plan, provided they don’t see any potential losses. I don’t take rumors that seriously but when it’s coming about Microsoft then there are pretty good chances of it being an early leak rather than being a baseless rumor.

Source: Kotaku