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Nov 19, 2009

Sunglass that can stand a punch to the face

Ever wonder how those action heroes look absolutely cool in their pair of sunnies while they’re busy fighting the baddies? In fact, they might get scratched all over and shot at with bullet wounds to show, but somehow all that rough and tumble lifestyle doesn’t seem to faze their sunglasses one bit. No sir, not a scratch can be found.
Perhaps they were wearing the Japan Self Defense Force Sunglasses? Each pair is so tough that they won’t even crack even when you throw a nasty punch at it. Even better is, the Japanese military has given their full endorsement of the Japan Self Defense Force Sunglasses. Just to get an idea on how tough its lenses are, when hit at 106mph by a 0.3″ object, you won’t find the lens cracking. Apart from that, it can also walk away unscrathed even when a 500g piece of iron is dropped on it. $317 is the asking price for this.

Source: JapanTrendShop