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Nov 24, 2009

Now get your child to eat few extra bites

Parents have for years attempted to get their kids to eat a few bites more by just making airplane noises. Well now you can add a little visual appeal to the usual routine. Sure, it’s not actually necessary and the child probably won’t care either way, but it keeps parents entertained. Plus you’ll feel less foolish making airplane noises when you have an airplane spoon and a lighted runway.

The LED bib is only able to be washed with a damp cloth. The plane itself is also only able to be wiped off and it features an on/off switch to flip on the plane’s LED lights. The plane also comes with 3 different spoon attachments. The bib doesn’t kick on until it’s activated by a motion of any kind, which pretty much means that it will stay on all the time if you have a baby that likes to squirm. These run on button cell batteries and are intended to be used on kids 12 months and older.

Source: ThinkGeek