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Sep 17, 2009

No this is not used to find water underground

Well the shape of this remind of a ancient method using a stick like this to find the water flow under ground. Guess i was wrong as this is something related to technology.

There are tons of Wi-Fi hotspots these days that are mushrooming rapidly and for good reason - most people work with netbooks and notebooks that do not need to remain tethered to any wired network in order to get on the Internet. In order to find the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot, why not give the Wi-Fi Dowsing Rod concept a go? It works similar in concept to how one is supposed to look for water with a divining rod, except that this one brings you to the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot - a gadget for the modern road warrior, of course, shaped in an old school format. Fancy, but we don't see this taking off anytime soon even if it were to be mass produced.

Source: NextNature