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May 26, 2009

This is the real Transformer Bot - Eco Friendly

Everyone likes to own a real transforming robot and guess what now you can because this is a real transforming robot and it’s even eco-friendly. It can change into a total of 6 different robots, giving you plenty of ways to keep yourself entertained. It’s a great and pretty much pointless way to enjoy solar power. Not all solar power really needs to have a point though and this would also be a fun thing to enjoy with your children.

It can change from a robotic dog, to a boat, moving plane, car, windmill and lastly a desktop plane. If you run out of sunlight for some reason, you can also charge this up by utilizing a 50 watt bulb or brighter.

There are a grand total of 25 parts and no screws. Since there are so many parts, this is probably something you should help your kids with if you give it to them. You can pick it up for £13.00 or about $21 from Red5.

Source: Red5