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May 9, 2009

A bomb that doesnt destroy anything instead it grows...

Everyone know that a bomb is a weapon of destruction and we have seen many incidents justifying it this bomb is one of its kind that doesnt destroy anything, instead it plants seeds.

The concept is amazingly simple and represents the coolness of out of the box thinking. Instead of tiny bombs known as “bomblets” or anti personnel mines, the SeedBomb has Seed capsules aligned in a cluster configuration.

Each cluster of capsules is packed into a single bomb with dozens of others and when the bomb reaches optimum altitude, the clusters are released to embed all around the impact area. Each capsule contains soil and seeds housed in a biodegradable plastic. The soil is packed with plant rich nutrients and moisture enough to allow the plant seed to germinate (the plastic canister acts as a defacto greenhouse) and grow until the plant can sustain itself. As the plant matures, the biodegradable plastic canister deteriorates until there’s nothing left.

Source: yankodesign