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May 5, 2009

Google is real serious about going green

Google’s innovative “California Grazing” start-up is simply an awesome idea that can be called a complete pollution free way to remove grass from fields. Instead of using lawn mowers or any other machinery, Google decided to hire goats to cut its Mountain View in California. No need to explain how this method is greener than any other. No electricity, no fuel consumption, and therefore, no emissions. Google wants to get rid of the weeds and brush growing in the peripheral fields, as it can cause wildfires.

To execute the plan, 200 goats were hired that will graze in the area for a week. One more advantage of hiring goats is that their waste will provide free fertilizer. I don’t think there can be a greener idea than this one. Big firms can take a lesson from Google in the present times of energy crisis. However, these goats cost the same as the mowers.

Source: Googleblog.Blogspot


this has been done for decades here in sweden where I live, my city has been using sheep in the parks and around landmarks for as long as I can remember, so while it is a good idea, it is not a new initiative

It seems foolish to use goats. Goats pull up the roots of plants. Sheep work much better was they just crop the grass down the base.