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Apr 26, 2009

Mini Robots called ROBO-Q - RC Toys

People talking about Robots consider it as warring machines that are able to level a city in no time with its array of missiles and lasers. Well, here’s some news - not all robots are marauding technological monsters who love nothing better than wipe out an entire city for no good reason.

There are some small and cute ones like the Robo-Q Tiny R/C Robot which are fully walking models, they are also equipped with fully autonomous modes in order to prevent bumping into obstacles as well as chase after the included soccer ball. For folks who are control freaks, you’ll be pleased to know these $39.99 robots will come with a remote. Bear in mind this imported toy comes with an all-Japanese manual, but you ought to figure out how to insert the AA batteries, don’t you?

Source : Thinkgeek


Hey these nice toys, quiet different to your every rc toy.
Any idea where I can get one, would like to try it out ?


wow ,such a lovely robots. thats really great.tiny but strong .i like it.

The best way to stall the engine is to simply run it out of fuel. To stall the engine quickly, simply cut-off the exhaust with a rag or your finger. Be careful not to burn yourself.