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Apr 12, 2009

Limited Edition Resident Evil 5 Flash Drive

This Chainsaw flash drive was originally bundled with the very pricey Resident Evil 5 for the Xbox 360. Of course, not everyone that bought the bundle wanted to hang onto the limited edition flash drive. So instead of storing their own files on the drive they’re posting them on eBay. Frankly, I’m not sure why anyone would want to get rid of the chainsaw, Anyway its cool for the rest of us. That works out perfectly for those that can’t afford the limited edition $100 bundle. The bundle itself would likely be worth the price since it also includes a 3 DVD feature about the making of the game. It’s hard saying what people will post their drive for on eBay, but likely they’ll stick within the same price range as this one. At least one has already been posted for a decent price. You can find the 2GB drive for $22 on eBay.

Source: EverythingUSB