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Apr 30, 2009

A Bed Spread that keeps you up all night

The Luminex Fiber Optic Bed Covers would make a lovely edition to a “love bedroom”. Who wouldn’t be dazzled by bed covers that glow in the dark? Now all that is missing is the Barry White music. “Ooh baby baby, your love’s so good it makes the sheets glow”.

The glow effect is produced by fiber optics sewn directly into the covers themselves, and it has to be plugged into the wall for power. In case you are wondering, this doesn’t work as an electric blanket in the sense that it raises the temperature.

As for how to wash these covers, I believe they are hand washable with natural soap. It doesn’t look like you have to worry about getting these bed covers wet. So if you or your partner spill the champagne, no problem!

You realize that this lightshow will cost you. A 63 x 78.8 inch (160 x 200 cm) cover costs about $660. Yeah, I probably wouldn’t spend that much on my whole honeymoon, and a honeymoon suite is where these sheets belong.

Source: ohgizmo