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Oct 11, 2008

Google's new SMS Channel - Check it out

Google have Introduced a new mobile phone service that send Free text Sms rite into you mobile phone you only need to subscribe to yours favourate channel , This service is fast and easy to work and send you regular updates .

You can use this service for receiving news alerts and weather information on your phone through google sms service you can use this service to send sms on any language ,Google SMS channels lets you can compose and send SMS messages via the web
So the first step to create yours channel is to login to your Google Calendar account and press the Settings button. Click on Notifications and check the SMS box for the Event reminder. At the bottom of the screen, select your country and write your mobile phone number including the country code. Click on the Send Verification Code button and check your mobile device. Google should send you a SMS message containing the verification code that must be entered in the last box of the Settings menu. Click the Finish setup button and then we should proceed to the Events configuration.

Click on the Create Event button and set a new notification for the upcoming events, making Google send you a SMS message before the event takes place. However, do not try to send numerous SMS messages as the search giant might block your account without any warning.

Source: Google Sms Channel