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Dec 31, 2007

Water Powered Calculator - Amazing

Water Powered Calculator

How many of you hate changing the battery in your calculator? I know that I would, were they not as a majority, solar-powered. Apparently someone has decided that light is a resource that we are using up far too quickly, and thus designed a calculator that runs off of water.

For this little guy to work, you just pour water into the rear and insert a stopper. The electrolytes in the water will take care of the rest. I’m seriously wondering what kind of person would believe that their calculator would need a power source other than light. Seriously, how would you use this without working in an area with plenty of light? If you’re intrigued by this water-powered gadget, you can pick one up for $8.99. Personally, I’ll wait for these guys to make a car that’s powered by water.

Source : [ Bits And Pieces ] VIA [ Gearfuse ]