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Dec 18, 2007

Human Faced Koi variety

Ornamental carp, also known as "koi", are bred in both Japan and Korea for collectors. These koi, though, look like they were bred on the Island of Doctor Moreau! I wonder if Monty Python know about these weird human-faced fish when they were creating the famous fish tank scene from their classic film, "The Meaning of Life"?

The human-faced carp are definitely products of selective breeding by humans. Generations of fish were bred to emphasive their "human" features, most notably their forward-facing eyes. These features would likely be a disadvantage in the wild - but then, these particular fish aren't going anywhere near the wild anytime soon.

The so-called "Human Face Fish" are hybrids of common carp and leather carp. The fish rather large - about 32 inches long - and it's said that their heads have begun to take on a more human look as time goes by! When will it end? You sure you want these guys in your garden pond, giving you dirty looks every time you walk by? (human-faced fish via Pet Fish Talk)