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Nov 13, 2007

The ZERO House


The idea of home self sufficiency isn't new. I remember conceptual homes in the 60's proposing the same idea but it does bring to question, why don't we see more self sufficient homes being built now? Why are we still reliant on grid power, city pluming, trash services? It would seem technology is at a point now where all those variables can be solved in the ultimate equation of self sufficiency. The Zero House is a good idea just waiting to happen.


The Zero House demonstrates just how future homes can be built anywhere without the need for city utilities. There's a large solar array which doubles as the roof capable of collecting enough energy to power the house for a week without sunlight. Water comes from rain which filters thru a 2,700 gallon cistern. The 2 bedrooms, kitchen, and living area exist as modules, each with their own user controlled climate zones. Those modules are flanked by outdoor decks cleverly placed in areas to act almost like additional living areas. All trash and waste goes to the foundation where it's turned into compost that can be used for gardening and growing food.


Although the design is very modern if not futuristic, there's no reason why the proposed technologies couldn't be integrated into traditional architecture. I wonder if the freeing of homes from the "grid" is more of a logistic reason and if so, the leaders of this country need to step back at look at the bigger picture.