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Nov 1, 2007

AELight Xenide Shines Almost Half a Mile!


AELight's Xenide flashlight doesn't look like much. Slapped into a blisterpack in a big-box grocery store, slung up next to cheap Maglight knockoffs and overpriced clockwork LED models, shoppers might well walk past it, unaware of its lurking, immemorial power.

But this thing is $500. Why? Because it packs metal halide lamps similar to those used in fog lights, and projects 900 lumens almost a kilometer away. Powered be a rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack, this overpowered torch weighs a stiff 8lb and has a fixed-focus lens and water-resistant casing.

For your money, you also get a bundled AC charger, shoulder strap and travel box. I can only imagine plunging downstairs with this in-hand to confront a burglar, but simply allowing him to leave with the living room appliances, as that would be cheaper than risking damage to the flashlight in a physical confrontation.