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Nov 30, 2007

Get a Playstation 3 for free


It's easy:
  1. Signup.
  2. Complete 1 online offer from our list of offers (Which is free and even most offers doesn't require any credit card).
  3. After that refer 12 friends and ask them to complete one free offer and thats it we will ship your gift for free (shipping Included).....
What's the catch?
  • The only catch is that the people you refer must be unique and you may only have one account per household.
How can you afford to send free gifts?
  • Advertisers pay us a commission for referring customers to
    them who try their products and services. These commissions
    cover the cost of your free gift.

  • We have shipped over $2,400,000 worth of free gifts! Visit our
    Member Gallery to see pictures sent to us by just a few of the
    people who have received gifts from us.
Do I have to give you my credit card?
  • No. Any sponsor offers that require your credit card will request
    your billing information through the sponsor's secure web site.
    We never request or have access to any of your billing information.
    All of the sponsors we deal with are reputable companies such as
    Blockbuster, America Online, Discover Card, Netflix, People PC,
    Weight Watchers to name a few.
Do my friends have to refer anyone?
  • Only if they want their own free gift. To earn your
    free gift, your friends do not have to refer anyone.