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Oct 26, 2007

Samsung's Thin TV


That should be their motto because they've totally abandoned the whole bigger is better thing. Leave that to LG and Panasonic. Samsung wants to beat out Sony, who's been touting the world's thinnest TV. Now Samsung has something to show and tell. This beauty is barely 1 cm thick. Not as thin as some of what we've seen from Sony but Samsung has managed to do it with a 40" screen. Now that's impressive. The LED backlight makes for some really crisp imagery, not to mention the lower power consumption; only 90 watts.

This isn't a concept either. TV's like this will be hitting the Japanese market soonish so Americans and Europeans can probably get in on wafer TV's early next year.


I recently saw one of these Samsung led tv’s in action and the picture quality and spec certainly is amazing, you now even get twitter widget with them! I cant wait to see the 8000 series with its 200Hz refresh rates!

I think that the use of LED backlights is definately the future for LCD TV's!