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Oct 8, 2007


Pivo2 01

Nissan wants us to know the future is not only high-tech, but also extremely cute. The 2nd generation concept Pivo2 sure did turn heads and I mean literally.

Pivo2 02

Like the first generation, this car can maneuver into almost any spot because of its ability to turn 360ยบ in place. What the second gen Pivo adds is a super cute R2D2-like robot on your dash. The robot not only helps you drive but also answers any questions you might have, like where the nearest Starbucks is. Seriously, I'll feel like Driving Miss Daisy, circa 2030 in this thing.

Pivo2 06

Pivo2 05

Pivo2 07

Pivo2 03

Pivo2 04

Pivo2 09