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Oct 4, 2007

10 Year-Old Girl Swims With Hands and Legs Tied

A little 10 year-old girl had her hands and feet bound and was thrown into a southern Chinese river by her father. It took her nearly three hours to cross the river.

Why would any father do such a thing? Well he felt like it will help her to achieve her goal of swimming the English Channel. The girl got the idea from watching a similar feat on a local television program.


“Her swimming skills are perfect and she insisted on doing this,” Huang Daosheng said.

Hunag Li swam like a dolphin in order to cross the more than a mile wide Xiang River.

“It’s not dangerous because, first, her swimming skills are really good and second, I was swimming with her, staying close to her,” the father said. “I had her when I was 35, so she is my heart. I would never play around with her life.”

The girl maybe a good swimmer, having started when she was six, but that hardly protected her from the cold of the river. Her face was blue from being so cold when her father picked her up out of the river.


“She asks me every day, ‘Can I achieve this? Is the English Channel wide? Are the waves really big?’” Huang Daosheng said.