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Jun 15, 2009

Unlocking iPhone 3Gs 3.0 is piece of cake

Jailbreaking the new iPhone 3Gs 3.0 is never been this simple. Known as the 3Gs 3.0 Unlock Sim for the Apple iPhone, this product is as dummy-proof as it can get, being one of the simplest and most reliable solutions to date that plagues iPhones locked to AT&T as a network provider. Just like a magical master key, the 3Gs 3.0 Unlock Sim is able to slot straight up on any existing SIM card in your iPhone 3GS, where it will function as some sort of ‘key’ to unlock iPhone 3Gs 3.0, hence making it compatible with virtually any other SIM card that has been inserted.

According to company director Mark Scott, “Our Unlock Solution will add the Cydia and Installer Application to your iPhone. This will allow you to add thousands of free applications to your iPhone, like games, utilities, tools, NES emulators, custom springboards and the list goes on. Cydia and Installer are similar to the iPhone Appstore, except all the applications are completely free.”

Source: Webwire