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Jun 8, 2009

This Water canon is awesome fun

Few things bring out the kid in adults like having their hands on a water cannon. You don’t have to run around, you just choose an unsuspecting target and blast them with water. With this you don’t even have to be anywhere near them.

This is the remote controlled water cannon that can direct a stream of water up to 100'. The cannon's base connects to a garden hose; three interchangeable nozzles (spray, mist, and stream) fit onto the end of the cannon's barrel, generating different spray patterns, enabling you to soak a wider number of playmates. You can control it with the infrared remote while in direct line of sight from up to 30' away. The cannon can be rotated 270° for nearly complete horizontal coverage, and its barrel can be raised 20° and depressed 5°, allowing you to place it on the ground or on an outdoor structure to bypass fences, walls, or other passive defenses.
For $59.95 this is one awesome canon for both fun and watering the plants.

Source: Hammacher