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Jan 21, 2009

RC Helicopter - Voice Controlled

I love new things when it comes to RC Stuff. But this time i really found this RC toy outstanding from other. WHY? Because unlike other RC stuff this RC helicopter operates under voice commands. Check out the video of this great stuff.
The learning curve for flying R/C helicopters can be pretty steep, even for some of the simpler 3 and 4 channel models. Taiyo is trying to make it a little bit easier with this voice controlled heli, which responds to 5 commands: “start engine,” “up,” “hold,” “down” and “stop.” It really should respond to things like “come back” but with a range of only 30 feet you may not have too much to worry about. The 7 inch long helicopter also comes with a remote control, and will retail for $60 sometime later this year.

Source: Engadget