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Nov 13, 2008

Space Invaders Alarm Clock - Geekastic

Being woken up by an alien invasion force doesn't sound like much fun, does it? But when the invasion force in question is a bunch of original Space Invaders, it's positively geektastic!

Those who grew up in smoke-filled, dank arcades will definitely remember the challenge of Space Invaders as you attempt to save the earth from a horde of ever advancing aliens who are absolutely ruthless, stopping at nothing until our home is reduced to mere rubble and ash. Of course, the addictive musical ditty that speeds up as they approach nearer to the earth’s surface makes it all the more exciting, and will probably remain fresh in the minds of many for years to come.

Firebox has a brand new retro alarm clock known as the Space Invaders Alarm Clock. This officially licensed piece of merchandise will light up in a bunch of zany colors when it is time to wake up, and you’ll be greeted by a cacophony of familiar sound effects. Choose from black and white colors for £24.95 a pop.

Source: Firebox