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Nov 25, 2008

Motorola Saved my life says a Louisiana resident

Motorola RAZR phones are thin, compact, and abounding of features. Now Motorola can accomplish addition affirmation to their accepted cell, it is bulletproof!

Or, at the actual least, ammo resistant. Apparently, Motorola subscriber and Louisiana citizen R.J. Richards was mowing his backyard and acquainted an odd sensation, and anticipation he was hit with a tiny rock. This consistently seems to appear to me if I mow my lawn. Mowers tend to draft pieces of bits and hit my legs all the time.

Richards again took out his RAZR phone, alone to accept it abatement afar in his hands. He anon apparent that it had been hit by a .45 ability bullet. Don’t worry, cipher approved to assassinate this man, but allegedly there was a “hunting accident”. Dick Cheney accept to accept been visiting Louisiana that day.

R.J. Richards attributes the cellular buzz bullet-block to all-powerful intervention. In all honesty, I’m not assertive what abroad to aspect this to. If you attending at the allowance of the cellular phone, additional the hunting accident, it does assume a little adjoin the odds.

This is bold the adventure is true, of course. I heard a agnate adventure about how an iPod blocked the aisle of a ammo a few years ago. Allegedly it adored the activity of a U.S. soldier based in Iraq.

So, what is the next adaptable accessory that will block a bullet? Better yet, can we get adaptable accessories to be so boxy that they could yield a bullet? Go advanced and bell in on this one with a comment.

Source: Gearlog