Chances are, you are already done away with Sins of a Solar Empire. Released February this year, this PC RTS game has had very good success. Now Stardock has announced that the game is in line to receive at least three ‘micro-expansions.’ One of these is tagged ‘Entrenchment’ and will go on sale later this year at $9.95. This expansion pack will add stuff like: powerful defense platforms and turret upgrades for each race, mine fields, and a Subspace Inhibitor platform that has capability of slowing down ships. Other than Entrenchment, game’s developer Ironclad Games is also working on two more micro-expansion packs, one each for diplomacy features and new technologies and ships. The fact that we’ll get few more hours out of an already wonderful title is added to by the low price that the micro-expansions will be launched at. The reasoning behind small expansion packs is to allow gamers flexibility in choosing features that he’d like to add and thus pay for only what he likes. Needless to say we are completely onboard with that.

Source: Filefront